Sunday Update

I’ve been quiet, I know. There isn’t much new or interesting to report. I haven’t been feeling well all week. I’m going a little crazy from being stuck at home. Tomorrow afternoon, I meet with the radiation oncologist to talk about my eye. Then I’ll be back there again on Tuesday for chemo. Then it’s a scan on the 26th, and I don’t expect good news. I wonder what the next treatment will be?

We have tickets to see Les Mis on Thursday night, and I really hope I’m able to make it. A night out at the theater sounds lovely.

I’m also hopeful that I’ll feel well enough to go out for dinner tonight. D really wants to grab burgers, and it would be nice to get out for a while.

In the meantime, I read, sleep, and watch tv. It took all of my energy earlier to shower. Simple things have gotten so difficult.

I hope it will be a good week.

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