I read my CT scan results today, and damn it’s scary.

I couldn’t get out of my house to make my oncologist appointment, because of ice, so I’m rescheduled to Thursday. I’m hopeful that this delay make it easier for me to see Six at the theater on Thursday night. Normally I can rally for a few hours post chemo. The steroids help prop me up. I’m determined to see this damn show. It’s the one show this season I really care about seeing. I’ve already seen a lot of the others.

Anyway, back to the CT…it has me freaked out. How much longer until the other shoe drops?

That’s just the wrap up section. The other three pages go into scary details. Sigh.

This is why I’m not happy about hearing I’m stable. I’m not really stable. I’m just not bad enough to risk blowing a med that we can’t yet tell for sure is working.

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  1. I’m seeing Six on Wednesday! So excited! Em and I were supposed to see it in London in 2020 but… *sigh*

    Fingers crossed that the chemo is doing it’s job and the next scan is not stable but shrinking. Love you!

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