To radiate or not…that is the question.

Another day, another trip to the doc. This time it was my fancy new eye doc. Dr. C. Did you know there are eye plastic surgeons, because I did not?! He was a cool dude. Said it’s def cancer and that he agrees that whether or not to radiate depends upon my life expectancy. He told me that the dry eye will really suck (he actually said suck like several times), and isn’t worth it if I’ll only be around a few more months. On the other hand, if left untreated long enough, I will either lose sight in that eye or get double vision (and need an eye patch). I enjoyed how straight forward he was. It didn’t hurt that he was hot as fuck. Lol.

I’m supposed to start rads tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to cancel it so that I can talk to Dr. B on Thursday. I plan to ask her what she would do if it were her instead, and hope she’ll woman up and give me a straight fucking answer for once. I trust her and will do what she says.

PS: I also liked that he said eye biopsies are absolutely traumatic and he totally agrees it’s unnecessary at this point in the game.

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