Don’t Fuck With My Reading

I don’t do well with reading with others. It’s why I can’t do book clubs. I signed my bestie up for six months of book of the month club as part of her Christmas present. I finished the book we both picked in a day. It will take her at least a couple of weeks. This is fine, but for the fact she wants me to wait on her to read the next selection, and that’s kind of asking a lot. I’ve been highly anticipating reading this one for a while now (The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz). She’s about to learn that bestie don’t play that. Lol. I’m very serious about my reading. And I’m def a mood reader. So if I’m feeling something then I go with it. Otherwise, I find myself in a reading slump.

In other reading news, I finished Mothered by Zoje Stage last night, and it was really good. Even though I knew early on how it would play out, I still loved the journey. I was able to get it for free through Amazon First Reads. I don’t know if it’s still available, but if it is then I def recommend picking it up.

Also – for the first time ever – my team is in first place in Reading Rivalry. Woot!! I hate the theme this month (super hero shit), but I’m still participating; just not getting as many bonus points as I’d like.

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