Random Babble: part 2

  • Did you know there are frozen grilled cheese sandwiches that you make in the toaster? They are so good. I’m obsessed.
  • My bowels literally ache. It’s awful.
  • I read a disturbing book today. Gethsemane Hall.
  • I’m not mad, but I’m def disappointed.
  • We have a fun weekend planned, and I’m hopeful my body will cooperate. We are supposed to go to our friends’ bbq on Saturday and omg I neeeeeed this.
  • I find myself being a bit of a judgmental bitch as of late. I’m keeping it to myself mostly, but there’s a lot of side-eye to go around.
  • I’m tired of being in pain. Constantly being in pain is def part of my annoyance with like everyone and everything. I have a short fuse.
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