Mind Eraser, No Chaser

  • I’m into bullet-point posts these days.
  • I remain in greater than normal pain, and I’m concerned. And fucking CVS needs to get their shit together and fill my fucking methadone. I need the extra boost. The oxy isn’t cutting it.
  • This afternoon, I watched the Netflix documentary about Woodstock 99, and whoa. I’ve always known it was a shit show, but I never realized just how bad things really got. I’m so glad I hate crowds and never considered going. I’m the right age. I would have been 19.
  • Afterwards, I watched the Fyre Festival documentary (also on Netflix), and omg the schadenfreude. Lol. That Billy McFarland dude is a total piece of shit. And the social media “influencers”? Fucking gag me. They kept talking about how charming that Billy dude is, and I don’t see anything except an epic douche.
  • Got to see Frey for a few min when she swung by to pick up some stuff. She makes me smile.
  • Then D and I went out to dinner. Despite the pain, I’ve been feeling chipper, and the conversation flowed.
  • After dinner, we watched the new Picard. I love having Riker back in the mix. I’d still bang him. Ha!
  • I feel like there was other shit to say, but I forgot.
  • I’m having lunch with a friend tomorrow, so yay for that.
  • I hope I get better sleep tonight. Last night was really tough. Pain, a loud storm, and bad thoughts led to a lot of tossing and turning. Oh and the snoring husband factor. He always snores when I give him sleeping pills.
  • And, finally, me today:
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