Saturday 4:25 am

The days all kind of slip one into another. I think it’s Saturday morning. It’s still dark. These are the worst times mentally. Being alone with my thoughts is scary. But my new comfort care package says I have take a lot more anxiety meds much more frequently so I imagine this will help. I just dosed up. I’ve probably taken more pain meds in the last 24 hours than ever before. Not a good sign. Especially since I’m still in pain.

Freya had a concert last night that I wasn’t able to go to. The pain was too much. So D went without me, and my bestie came over to babysit. It was good to see her, though her eyes are so very red from crying. It’s weird to see her like this. I’m not used to it.

I’m going to update for as long as I can. D has instructions to update when I pass.

I think this old gal has a little life left.

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