My health continues to deteriorate.

We’re at the point now where my pain, nausea and various side effects couldn’t be managed at home anymore, so I’ve been transferred to the hospice house. Its been a mixed bag so far, but I do like being able to get my meds via my port. Well the important ones anyway. Hopefully things will improve as we figure out the new schedule. What I’m really, really hoping for is a good, solid might of rest. I have never been this exhausted.

I had some pics to upload but the wifi here sucks balls.

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9 thoughts on “My health continues to deteriorate.

  1. This is seriously heartbreaking.
    I am hopeful they get your pain under control.
    I can only imagine how you’re feeling, as you didn’t want to transfer.

    Sending so so so so so much life, my sweet friend. ❤️

  2. I’m exhausted just from fighting a massive headache all day so I cannot EVEN imagine what you’re living with day in and day out. I hope they can find the right meds to ease your pain but not leave you feeling nauseous and stuff. I hope they are taking most excellent care of your every need!!!!

  3. I keep checking for an update and my wish for you, is that you are pain free. Sending light and much love your way

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