I have to go to fucking Costco today and buy a membership so that I can purchase these specific appetizers that have been requested for the FBA party on Friday night.

Fucking Costco. During the holidays. Lord help me.

silly girl

Freya called me up to the bathroom last night, and asked, “Am I supposed to remove this plastic thing from the razor before I use it?”

Me, “The cover? Yeah…otherwise it doesn’t work because the blades aren’t exposed.”

Her: “Oh…I guess that’s why it hasn’t been working.”

Lol forever. I guess I didn’t specifically go over that part when I taught her how to shave a couple of months back. I was like, “How long has this been an issue?” and she goes, “Since you bought me the new razors.” So only like a week. But still. Ha!


So apparently when D and I were talking about moving in together, we were supposed to tell the exes right away, and failing to tell them immediately (8 months in advance) turned into a whole fucking thing.

But sure…just move someone in and don’t mention it to us. That’s cool. I forgot about the double standard. 👍🏻