Last night, we watched the new Patton Oswalt comedy special on Netflix. His wife died a few years ago, and he’s remarried now, which he mentioned. He started talking about how awesome his new wife is; how much he loves being married, and I felt a blinding rage overwhelm me. I wanted to reach through the screen and punch him in the nuts.

Listen – I get it. Life’s short. You have to make the most of it. Choose love. You’ve gotta do what makes you happy.

But on the other hand…fuck him. And also fuck Rick who is about to get remarried even though Grace has been dead for barely a year. What the fuck is with these dudes who get remarried a year after their spouse dies??

Your wife died? Oh shit – better go get you a new one ASAP.

What a piece of trash. Yes, I’m being a judgmental cunt, and I don’t give a fuck.

Fucking bite me.


I bought the Shapiro MD DHT blocker hair system, and I’ve been using it for about a week now. My shedding has reduced significantly, and I am cautiously optimistic. It’s super expensive, but so worth it if it really works. *fingers crossed*

I’ve been the worst at keeping up with friends or even just responding to messages in general. I just don’t have anything to say. It’s not you; it’s me. I’m sorry if you’ve messaged me or commented and I haven’t responded. I’m in a weird place right now; just very in my own head, even more so than usual. I crave quiet and contemplation.

So I know I said I wasn’t going to drink tonight, but I drank tonight. Not a lot. Allow me to explain: D’s ex (K) brought us a bunch of mint from her garden on Saturday night. She also brought bourbon and explained she thought we might like to have mint juleps. Well neither D or I care for those, and today I noticed the mint was wilting, so I found a different cocktail for us to try: tequila lime mojitaritas!

Omg they were so good. We will definitely be making these again. Recipe here.

I went on an extra long walk tonight, and ended up seeing a fireworks show in my neighborhood – a rather impressive one too. It really feels like summer now.

I’ve been doing a lot of (online) shopping recently. Some house stuff, some necessities, and some clothes (duh). I bought two cute sun hats today – that can’t get here soon enough. I’m already noticing summer skin issues. Ugh.

D, Frey, and I watched Funny Farm tonight. I hadn’t seen it before, and it was funnier than I expected. Even the teen thought it was funny. I think Jackson would have enjoyed it too. I was sad he missed it.

I’m starting to feel anxious. It’s that time of night.

I’m not sleepy, but I’m exhausted. Does that make sense?

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s Monday.

  • D and I have decided we have to stop drinking so much. We’re getting fat.
  • I also need to stop doing so much online shopping, but I probably won’t. Lol.
  • I’ve stayed in bed until 11 am these past two mornings – no regrets.
  • The calendar for the upcoming week is pretty good. Nothing too terrible going on. Well except a hearing with a certain client on Friday morning that will likely be a complete shit show. He’s old af and just doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up.
  • I told D I would do 30 Day Shred with him this afternoon. I also want to do my next run, so I am going to be wiped out by the end of the day.
  • I otherwise intend to be lazy and spend the day reading.
  • And maybe I’ll do some stuff I need to do – like fold laundry and pay bills. Maybe.
  • This has been such a good weekend. I’m sad it’s coming to an end.
  • And I’m also sad my ex is coming to get Jackson for the holiday. He hasn’t done so on Memorial Day in years. I know it’s his right – I’m just a little bummed about it.
  • I don’t know why I’m still writing. I have nothing interesting to share right now.