all the feels

I spent most of the morning crying. Tears of joy. Tears of relief. I let out all the emotions I’ve been holding in over the last four years. Now I have an emotional hangover. I ended up taking a long nap this afternoon. That helped.

President Biden. Vice President Harris. Oh excuse me, I mean Madam Vice President. Sounds amazing.

I was supposed to have court tonight, but it was rescheduled. So instead I’m sitting by the fire, enjoying some alone time.

My Zoom date last night was amazing. We had a special playlist, and special drinks – all in the dive bar theme. The mystery was Death At The Dive Bar. It was really cool; very detailed. It was a lot of fun, and the company was amazing. I think Tuesday night Zoom dates are going to be a thing until we can finally meet up in person. I think we are going to do the Blair Witch Hunt-A-Killer series next. !!!

Tonight, the husband and I will be drinking the fancy tequila and toasting the new administration. Ahhh – it feels so good to write that. We have a lot of healing to do as a nation, but I truly feel like we are in capable hands. Not just capable – but also loving, caring, and sincere.


hello, dear blog

My morning started off surprisingly well. I was worried about it last night, because I had a very short amount of time to get from Jackson’s school to my office for a hearing. I even had to call into the hearing from my car. BUT I got to the office in plenty of time to get settled in before my case was called. Everything was going swimmingly until DG came in and was like two of the staff (they are sisters) were exposed to Covid over the weekend, and we have to shut down all in person office stuff for the next two weeks, because the girls were in the office Saturday and this morning.


He was like – everyone else is wrapping up and disinfecting shit, but I want you out of here immediately. So I hurried up and packed up my stuff, and left.

I’m so tired of this bullshit. I know, I know – everyone is. Luckily, I didn’t interact with either of the ladies, and I always wear my mask in the common areas, so hopefully it’s all good. I guess time will tell.


In other news, I have a Zoom date with MP tonight. We are doing the murder mystery box. I am quite excited. A cute guy, tequila, and solving crimes – sign me the fuck up!


I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 9, and it better not interfere with my ability to see the inauguration. There is a tv in the room, so I guess I can always ask them to turn it on for me. I’m so excited about this that I can hardly stand to think about it. It’s too much. I feel overwhelmed with emotion. I am most definitely going to cry tomorrow. Which reminds me – I need to go buy some prosecco. Did you know that prosecco is only 1 carb per serving? I know, right!!


Speaking of carbs: I’m trying to get my bestie to do the February 10 pound takedown challenge with me. She really wants to lose weight, and I think this would be great for her. Plus, we can support each other. Win, win.

She asked if we can have a bestie date night where I don’t eat keto, and I was like no way, dude! Bestie date night – yes, but I will eat keto. I don’t know what clicked for me this time, but I am so motivated to get this extra weight off. If not now, when? It’s not like I have time to waste. I have to live my best life RIGHT NOW.


I got some closure today that I needed, and I am very grateful for that. I’m also hopeful that the friendship will be salvaged. That makes me happy.


Sorry I’m boring nowadays, but being happy is kind of boring, and that is fine by me.



5:34 am

My insomnia has gotten really bad recently. I feel like I’m always awake. I need to talk to my psychiatrist about adjusting my sleep meds.

I was thinking about poly stuff earlier. A couple of months ago, I thought I was hitting it off with someone, and then he pulled away. Not gonna lie, it stung a bit. But it got me thinking about what I want, and got me to message MP. Things with him are really great, and I’m so glad I reached out to him. I have a big time crush.

You know who else I’m crushing really hard on? My husband. We have always had an amazing relationship, but we have leveled up recently. I feel closer to him than ever, and we are meeting each other’s emotional needs on a deeper level. I feel loved and cherished by him. So secure. It’s wonderful. I love him so much.

I think this is going to be a good year.