not so tedious tuesday

It has been a strange, but interesting, day so far.

I overslept by about 40 minutes. Not good. Last night, right as I was finally settling down, I heard a loud noise right outside my bedroom door. Or at least I thought I did. I thought it was Jackson, but I opened the door, and…nothing. So I grabbed a pair of scissors, turned on all the lights, and started looking around. I found nothing and no one, of course. I couldn’t settle down, though. I felt panicky. When I did finally pass out, I slept soundly, though I had many strange dreams.

It snowed like the tiniest amount last night. A dusting. Apparently, however, it was too much for St. Louis drivers to handle, and so traffic was FUCKED. I never want to hear another St. Louis driver talking shit about how Southerners drive in snow. You bitches can’t drive for shit in the snow or even the fucking rain for that matter.

After dropping off the dog and the kiddo, I started the 50 minute journey to the CC office. On the way down, I got a phone call from an attorney friend I haven’t spoken to in a while. He is also friends with my former business partner. In fact, the three of us shared office space for years. The gist of the conversation was: “Hey I heard what’s going on. Why the hell did it take you so long to do this?”

lol lol lol

Anyway – we talked in some detail about things I cannot mention here, but made me feel better.

Then I got to the CC office where K was waiting on me. She gave me some more interesting info: the former business partner has started a new business. I wasn’t super surprised to learn that, but I was a bit shocked to learn that he is listing my law firm as the registered agent for that business. He is such a fucking tool, I swear to god. This dumb ass motherfucker. I guess he didn’t think I would find out??

I found his website. It’s not really a law firm; more like a consulting firm, but he is offering limited legal services so idk. I do know that I will be forwarding this info to my attorney.

You’d think he’d have learned by now that he is an awful attorney, but apparently not. Oh well. Not my fucking problem anymore.

I’m supposed to have dinner with my bestie tonight, but I’m losing my voice again, so I don’t know what will happen with all that. She has a bunch of crazy shit to tell me though, so maybe I’ll just let her do all the talking? I do know that I don’t want to spend the entire evening alone.

I don’t mind being alone. I mind sleeping alone. I fucking hate sleeping alone.

I miss my husband.

More later.



obligatory “i’m still around” post

As you can probably tell from the blog, I haven’t been feeling very chatty lately.

I’m still not feeling 100% myself after my illness.

I’m tired of being cold.

I’m sick of gray skies and general dreariness.

Don’t even get me started on my career. I have been giving that shit a lot of thought. Chances are there will be (even more) big changes this year. Some people won’t like them.

My husband is currently on a plane – final destination: San Antonio. I already miss him.

I had a high carb day yesterday at the beer festival, and I am paying for it today. My body hates me right now. I mean…it always hates me, but like even more than usual.

My (new) doc prescribed Trazadone for my insomnia, and I think it’s working. The true test will be tonight. I always sleep very poorly when D is away.

I need to get back to exercising. I had sort of given up the last couple of weeks since I was on a strict 6 week ban post-surgery, but that’s no longer an issue, so…

D wants to run the GO STL 1/2 marathon in April, and has asked that I sign up for the 10k. I think it’s a good idea for me – so I need to get to training. I’m a bit worried my knees can’t handle running the entire thing, but we’ll see.