A bookish idea!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while:

I need a friend who also does Book Of The Month Club, with whom I can swap books. The proposal: we each pick a different book every month and then swap.

Unfortunately, the only person I know who subscribes is Freya’s mom (at least according to what Frey says), and I’m hesitant to ask her because she might find that weird. Lol. Idk. We aren’t friends necessarily, though we’ve certainly gotten more chatty with each other.

Anyway…I love this idea of having a group that does book swaps, but I don’t know any locals who love to read as much as I do.


just do it already

I want to buy a bike. I feel like bike riding could be my new thing, since my knees are too fucked to run much anymore. Why not set my self up for success?

I’ve also decided I want to be bolder with some of my fashion choices. Get outside of the box I’ve put myself in. I always see stuff I love on other people, but think: no, that’s not okay for me. And I’ve got to stop limiting myself in that way.


Sleeveless tops and dresses: I think my arms look weird and awful, but that’s silly.

Two piece swimwear. Yes, you have a mom bod. Get the fuck over it. Your husband wants to see you half naked at the pool. You should own it.

Dangling earrings and hoops: I always think they look weird on me, but then I recently said fuck it, tried some that were way outside my comfort zone, and you know what…loved it!

Jumpsuits! Now hear me out…I think I’m going to buy something like this. Maybe even this exact one. It’s cute, right?

Because you know what?? I’m (essentially) 40 years old and I can and should be wearing whatever the fuck I want.

Take a deep breath and live a little, bitch. Let the haters hate. You’re gonna be living your best life. 🤷🏻‍♀️💯

Purple flower |with green • make it pop • complementary

As I was driving to pick up Freya, I was thinking about how I was going to go off prompt for today’s #cy365 photo, because I hadn’t seen any purple flowers though it was pushing 4 pm, knew I didn’t have any at home, and I wasn’t going to go out of my way to seek any out. I approach the photo challenge as a way to document my every day life, and so if it can’t happen naturally within my day to day existence, then I’m not into it. So I was like, hmm…what should I do instead, but then I pulled into her mom’s driveway and spotted these beauties. Problem solved! I love it when shit just works out. 💜

TL;DR? Here’s some purple flowers! 😂

classic old white dude bullshit

Today was not the day, dude.

This old guy, who was sitting outside on a front patio having lunch at the restaurant I was just at, decided to sit at the table closest to the door, and then placed his chair in the way of the door – the only entrance/exit to this place. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then had to nerve to be visibly annoyed anytime anyone needed to use the door. I heard one lady apologize to him! Oh hell no. So then it’s my turn to leave, and he grunts in annoyance as he moves his chair, so I say, “I have an easy solution for you: try sitting in one of the fifteen fucking empty spots out here that don’t block the goddamned door!” He was stunned speechless, and it was fucking beautiful.

Eat a dick, fuck face.