Happy birthday to J ❤️

It’s almost 4 pm, and I’m just starting to feel functional after having way too much fun last night.

This bottle of tequila was unopened when we arrived. Enough said.

And then also:

We did a pizza tasting. We got pizzas from 8 different places and did the usual blind tasting; then ranked our results. It was really fun, and interesting to see who liked what without having any preconceived notions.

There were also fancy desserts:

We continue to talk about the Napa trip we’ve been wanting to take. Though who knows when we will be able to make that happen given everything. *sigh* I’m really hoping to travel again in 2021. I don’t have time to waste!

Anyhoo – it was another super fun night with our besties. I’m excited for the Halloween party! It will be tiny this year, with just six people instead of the usual 30-40, but I honestly think it will be more fun that way.

I’m off to read. My friend wrote another book, and I’m really enjoying it.


Saturday Stuff

I cried myself to sleep last night. 2020 is just too much.

I just dropped Bizzy off for playtime and boarding. We’re celebrating J’s birthday tonight, so we will be out super late, and I don’t want him to be neglected. While at the doggie daycare, I felt envious. I’d love to work with pups all day. What a fun and stress free job.

In reality, I could never do that long term. I know myself. Still – it’s fun to day dream.

The weather outside is delightful, and I’m contemplating an outdoor run, though my knees are still swollen so it’s probably not a good idea. Maybe just a walk. That sounds good actually. I’m beginning to think my running days are behind me. Sigh. Maybe I should start hiking? Biking? Maybe I’ll ride Freya’s bike. She never uses it.

I’ve been way in my head recently. I haven’t been talking to friends much. I feel bad about that, but sometimes you have to work on yourself first. I’ve needed a lot of quiet time. I’ve been reading a lot, playing games, and watching things. I’ve even cut back on my drinking. I was exercising a lot more too, until my arthritis flared. I’ll get back to it when it’s over. This is going to be the season of self-care. If not now, when? And since it’s finally getting cooler, I’m going to enjoy a nice bubble bath at some point this week.

Right now I’m cuddled up with my sweet Sansa, and plan to relax with a book. (Duh!) We will be out late tonight, so I have to rest up while I can.