Hello again

I woke up to snow! That was such a delightful surprise. It’s a proper snow too, with accumulation. Yay!

My husband is not pleased. 😊

I’ve dressed warmly today.

I saw a very sexy pic of the lady D is taking out tomorrow, and I had a mini jealous spell, but I’m happy to report that I was able to talk myself through it fairly easily. I asked myself why it bothered me, identified the issue, conveyed my needs, and am now feeling much better. I’m enjoying the ways in which I’m growing as a person. I love the work I’ve done on myself – mentally and physically. Still – there’s more to do.

DG has me doing consultations again, and it actually feels really good to be back to the grind. I’ve missed this feeling – like I’m connecting with others and helping them through a complicated process. I feel useful.

My paralegal has a job interview tomorrow. I’m pretty confident she’ll be leaving us soon. I’m very pleased for her, and also I can’t stand to think about it. Moving on…

I’m feeling…happy today. It’s kind of crazy how much this snow has lifted my spirits.


My husband told me I was weird for putting perfume on before my Zoom date. Idk – I just love smelling good. It gives me an extra boost of confidence.

Tonight, during our date, MP and I played Truth or Drink and had a lot of great conversation. I had a fabulous time. It sounds like we will be able to have an in person date within the next month. I’m very excited.

More later. I’m exhausted.