the Sunday situation

I have had an awful headache all freaking day. I hope it’s gone when I wake up tomorrow.

I wasted the entire weekend. I did zero work. I mean…I did like housework, but no legal work. Whatever. Idgaf.

The calendar for the upcoming week is a fucking shit show: multiple court dockets per day and plans almost every night. Dis-motherfucking-like.

I got to see C today, and we opened our Secret Elf gifts. My lady fucking nailed it. C’s did too. We got lucky.


We put up the other two Christmas trees tonight, though one needs the lights replaced, so it’s not yet decorated. But here are the two that are finished:

And then this cuteness happened at bedtime:

Oh and I almost forgot: we finished TNG tonight. I’m still processing it, but I thought the last episode was great, and I’m sad that it’s over. However, I’m looking forward to re-watching the movies, and also checking out the other series. Oh and the new Picard series, of course.

I am having a bad body image day. It doesn’t help that I haven’t exercised in over a week. Gotta get back to it starting tomorrow.

While at the grocery store tonight, some random dude walked up and asked me if I wanted a carrot. I was like no thanks, and he was like are you sure. I’m like yep I’m good, but thank you. Then he walked away. D says he was just looking for an excuse to talk to me. I mean…okay, but that’s a fucking strange approach, bro.

I’ve given up on trying to understand people.

I’ve been in a weird mood all day. Everything feels like a lot. This headache definitely hasn’t helped.


I’m crying as I write this review. This book touched my heart in a way that hasn’t happened in some time.

This historical fiction is about packhorse librarians in the Appalachian Mountains around 1935. But more than that, it is a celebration of love, reading, and female friendship. I absolutely adored it. I have all the feels right now. I’m so sad that the story is over.

the Saturday situation

Go to bed early/wake up early seems to be my new thing. I’ve tried fighting it, but then I just end up falling asleep on the couch. I guess this is 40? Lame.

I spent all day yesterday in court, but it wasn’t too bad because I got quality time with A (where she schooled me on some shit…I seriously learn shit from her all the time), and lunch with KC between the dockets. Plus, I made a huge dent in The Giver of Stars while I waited. I’m low key obsessed with that book right now.

I have lots of mom duties this weekend. I also need to work. I need to catch up on laundry. I should start Christmas shopping. I’d like to finish that book. I desperately need to get back to exercising (that tooth fiasco derailed me). So much to do, so little time.

The rest of the month is crazy busy. Two choir concerts for Jackson. Wicked on Thursday. The FBA holiday party. Angels & Airwaves. Star Wars. The Bloomington Christmas trip. Then actual Christmas, which I am not ready for!! Gotta get the house kitten proofed. Gotta plan SAD Prom. NYE!!! It’s a lot. Lol.

I just remembered that I have to go to the DMV this morning to pick up my personalized plates. They’re finally ready. Ugh that’s going to SUCK. I’d rather go to hot yoga.

It’s only 6:35 am so maybe I can get another hour of sleep in? Prob not, but a girl can dream.

it’s done!

The root canal procedure was quite unpleasant, but I think the worst part is that they had Encino Man playing on repeat, on two separate screens, in my exam room. I was forced to endure it twice in a row.

It was torture, buuuuuuuddy. ☺️

And now: codeine.