Being back at work is good, but also is driving me crazy. LOL.

Sooooooo much drama, as is to be expected when dealing with a group of women, unfortunately.

Plus, lawyering is absolutely exhausting. I left early today to come home to take a two hour nap, so that I’d be functional for date night tonight.

I had that big docket this morning, and it was mostly good, except one case where the judge got pissy and said I didn’t make sense. LOL LOL LOL SOB.

I stopped by a dispensary on my way home to get a new cartridge, and now i can’t find my vape charger. Fuckity fuck sticks.

I’m excited for date night: Mexican food then pool at our local dive bar.

No kids tonight, which feels nice. It’s been a while since we’ve had alone time.

Much Meh

2022 isn’t off to the best start. I’ve had a car accident. I’ve had (probably) covid. D got bad news. It’s just all very meh so far.

Back at the office. I’m super stressed about the docket tomorrow.

I’m also very hangry. I forgot to bring lunch. Sigh.

Is it Friday yet?

the one where everybody gets covid

Assuming I have/had Covid, based upon even symptoms started, I’m out of isolation as of today. So I’m going to the office tomorrow. Masked, of course.

The original plan was to work from home all week, but then my boss dumped a huge docket in my lap this morning, so I need to go in to prep it with the staff. It’s on Wednesday morning, and we have 60 matters on.


Freya is texting that she doesn’t feel well. So her time is probably up on the no-covid train. Dave is still fine, and Jackson has immunity since he had it last month. I’m tired of life revolving around this fucking virus.

In other news, I have no other news. Haha. I’m anxious to get the fuck out of this house. In the meantime, I guess I will read some more.


That Covid Life

We’re supposed to be out on a sexy date with J&K, but obviously that’s a no-go given my (almost certain) covid-positive status. So instead this is/was my evening:

Finished this (again), and I’m please to report D really liked it.

I’m giving him some time to process, but I can’t wait to dig into it with him. It’s so rich.

After the series finale, I had my new favorite ice cream.

I finished My Heart Is A Chainsaw (meh…2 stars) this afternoon, and then immediately started a new book. This counts as “A book that’s been on your TBR list forever” in Reading Rivalry. That means five extra points (on top of the per page points)!!

I bought this copy for $2 at Goodwill.

Earlier, I watched a movie called “Within” on Hulu, where this song was featured, and now I’m obsessed:

This one is driving me fucking crazy right now @ 11:03 pm:

I think I need a(nother) tequila shot, and a hit. It’s Saturday night, and Covid can’t keep me down, baby. I’m three vaccinations in, and feeling not too shabby!! Praise Science!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Did I finally get got?

I think I maybe have Covid.

My body aches and I’m crazy exhausted. Way more so than usual on both fronts. Slightly congested, headache-y, and nauseated as well. My brain feels really foggy, like almost delayed. There’s definitely something off.

It’s not like it’s possible to get a test right now, so, unless I wake up feeling miraculously better tomorrow, I’m going to act like I have Covid.

Zombie- and

  • I’m feeling…different. I’ve been, what I like to call, hibernating. Books, TV, word games, bed. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything social.
  • I’ve been so damn tired recently. Like even more than normal. I took Jackson to school this morning, and that was a struggle, so then I came home for a short nap, which turned into a four hour nap. Damn.
  • I have nothing interesting to write about from hibernation-land, so I guess I’ll recap my current “vices”
  • Reading: I joined a FB group called Reading Rivalry, which has been super fun. It’s getting me to step outside of my box a bit. Anyway, I’m currently reading “My Heart Is A Chainsaw,””The Poetry of Rilke,” and ACOTAR Book 2 (can’t remember what that’s called).
  • TV: We just started Midnight Mass. It’s my second time, D’s first, and I’m picking up all kinds of stuff on the second viewing. I was too busy being confused the first time around. Haha. I’m also binge watching Golden Girls. It’s a comfort show.
  • I was going to write more, but I’m tired, and distracted. And I should probably eat something.

winter blues?

I have a list of stuff to write about, but it’s too much for right now. I’m exhausted, like more than usual. I just want to hibernate. I feel run down.

This is how I spent my afternoon: on the couch, watching Golden Girls.

Self care at its finest.

The weather has been frigid, and my bones have started to ache, especially my feet. It’s hard to walk. Makes me feel old.

My mind feels foggy. I can’t concentrate. I just want to lie around and watch TV.

I’m grateful tomorrow is Friday. I need a weekend.

this & that

Covid finally got my ex and his gf, so Jackson will be home with us for a while. My ex is in bad shape. The blood vessels in his face burst, and he looks like someone beat the shit out of him. Yikes.

Due to potential exposure through Jackson, I’m going to work from home the rest of the week. I was in the office today, before I knew, and I’m sad I can’t go back in. I love the feeling of purpose and accomplishment I have while in the office. That said, there is drama, just like in any office, and my boss is the worst mansplainer I have ever met. It’s making me stabby. LOL.

Me today:

Oh and this is a pic I took while trying to see the red tint in my hair:

It’s not very noticeable in this pic, but in real life it drives me crazy. I don’t like reddish tints with my skin tone.

What else is new? Not fucking much. My stomach issues have calmed down, so maybe it was just a fluke. Fingers crossed. I’m currently obsessed with these pants I bought from Betabrand. They’re the office yoga pants. They are so comfortable, but look really stylish and professional.

I’m not normally a pants gal, but these are game changers.

We took down the big Christmas tree tonight, so Christmas season is officially over. Onto my favorite holiday: VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

We’re supposed to have an LS date on Saturday night, so hopefully we remain symptom free. The couple knows what’s up and are cool with keeping the date as long as we don’t show symptoms. It’s fucking impossible to get a covid test right now. This shit is crazy. I’m not worried though. We all feel fine.

Anyhoo…peace and love and good sleep and happy dreams with kittens and rainbows.