11:39 pm on a Friday night

I want to go into great detail about what a good day I’ve had, but I’m too fucking tired.

The short version: the workday flew by and then I spent the evening shopping and dining with my bestie. We had a great time.

And now I am in bed, where I will chill until I finally pass out.

Oh and maybe I’ll get crazy and smoke some weed in the bathroom (so I don’t bother our house guest).

What I’m not going to do is sit here and write a big long rant about how middle aged and frumpy I have felt all day, which is actually silly considering how many genuine compliments I received today, mostly from complete strangers, on my look/sense of style. But you know…this fucking brain of mine is a god damned asshole, so. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I didn’t take a picture of my outfit today, but it was a black and white cat dress over teal leggings with black Mary Jane heels. I also wore my black and white houndstooth jacket with a big pink flower brooch. I finished it off with a pearl headband. Two random people at court had a discussion right in front of me about my look, and informed me I look like some TV character I had never heard of.

And like yeah I guess I kind of do. ^^


It has been a fucking week!!

Speaking of, this meme made me laugh:

Fucking truth.

Even though life is kind of kicking my ass, I feel…good. Happy. It’s weird to finally have the things you’ve always wanted. What now?

I feel accomplished, too, and that’s a great feeling.

I’m trying to learn how to be comfortable with the physical aspects of aging. I feel good with all the other aspects. I love where I am with my career, my relationships, etc. But fuck if it isn’t hard to see this aging face and body looking back at me.

It’s a work in progress, but that’s just life, isn’t it?

It’s a big weekend here at RiekAlt Manor. Jackson turns 10 on Saturday, and we’re hosting his birthday party sleepover. Four ten-year-old boys in my house — lord help me. Also, Spence is here this weekend. He drove in from Chicago today. We had a nice dinner and now the men are off doing their bro shit. I’ve been awake since motherfucking 2 am, and it’s 9 pm now, so if I pass out in the next hour or so that would be fucking fantastic.

I have court in the morning, then appointments all afternoon, followed by an evening out with Carrie. I am PUMPED. I NEED THIS. C and I are shopping for our secret elves. We both signed up for the Fatmumslim gift exchange. It’s essentially Secret Santa. I need to internet stalk my lady tomorrow and come up with some ideas. The time has just flown by, and I am not at all prepared.

Chances are I’ll be coming home with stuff I bought for myself. 🤣

Check out Baby Sansa:


I can’t wait to bring her home.