upcoming events

This weekend:
Blink-182 show.
Ren Faire and/or maybe going to the movies. I want to see IT 2 and Good Boys.

Next weekend:
D’s brother’s family is coming down to stay with us.
Angels & Airwaves show.
Bizzy’s birthday! He’ll be 2!! We’re going to bake a cake.

The last weekend of September:
Trip to Cleveland for our friends’ wedding.
We’re road tripping, which means brewery stops!

Several parties.
Drag bingo.
Kid school events/concerts.
Our big Halloween bash.
Our 2 year wedding anniversary!!

friday the 13th fuckery and fails…oh my

I forgot to remind my ex that today is picture day, so I can only imagine wtf Jackson is wearing today.  Major mom fail!

The only upside is that it should motivate me to finally set up the professional photographer to take family pics.

Oh and speaking of not good things, this morning my favorite pin, the vintage pearl heart brooch, lost a pearl! I was able to find it, and hopefully I can glue it back in, but booooo. I fucking love that brooch! So that’s a project for this weekend I guess. One of my earrings broke this morning too – wtf?! Must be those Friday the 13th, full moon vibes.

Speaking of Friday the 13th, I am currently trying to convince my husband to watch a horror movie with me tonight. I know Freya will be into it. Ooh maybe Frey and I can go see It this weekend. Idk though…we have so much going on as it is. But that’s another post entirely (that I already have in drafts so maybe I should go post it now).

about last night: the city sleepover date

Oh what a night!! We decided to do a nostalgia tour. We will leave trying new things for next time.

First stop was Itap, of course. It just feels like home. And the music was so on point, just like always.

We had fun taking pics.

I always take a selfie in that ^ mirror. It’s tradition!

After three beers, we walked around the corner to our favorite patio for a fantastic dinner.

Best French onion soup ever. Period. I’ll fight you.

About halfway through our meal, a man came by with his cello and started playing. It was so lovely. I actually started to cry at one point.

After dinner, we grabbed an Uber and headed to The Scottish Arms for more drinks.

It’s one of our favorite bars. It felt good to be back.

Then it was back to the room for sexy fun time and sleep.

Such a great night. ❤️❤️❤️

*thursday things*

  • Catching up with Ann & Rob last night was nice. It had been a while since we hung just the four of us. I love that they are the type of friends we can tell anything to without judgment. There were some confessions last night. lol
  • #vagueblogging
  • I had a lunch date with KC this afternoon. We were short on time, because of my shitty court schedule, so we walked over to Wildflower. I hadn’t been there in several years. It was a blast from the past! Just walking through the doors brought back so many good memories. B&A (my law firm) used to have lots of gatherings there back in the good old days. D and I also have a lot of early relationship memories there.
  • I do have one bad memory from a night spent at Wildflower. It involved a friend’s boyfriend locking himself into the bathroom with me and attempting to have his way. I try not to think about that. For obvious reasons.
  • No means no, motherfucker.
  • Back to happy things: tonight is our overnight city date night. I am so fucking pumped for this.
  • Today’s #alphabetfashion prompt is “L,” and I happen to have some lingerie in my overnight bag, so it feels meant to be. Or I may chicken out and take a pic of something else. haha
  • It’s Taste of Saint Louis weekend, which means that downtown is FUCKED. Several major streets are closed. There is nowhere to park. This is not good. I went down to hit up city muni court this afternoon, and couldn’t find a parking spot within a mile’s walk. Fuck all of that.
  • That situation reminded me of something I’ve been considering: I think I want to buy a second pair of black Rothy’s, and then put the older pair in my car for situations where I’m unexpectedly stuck walking over a mile in heels.
  • Oh and I’m trying something new next week! I have an accupuncture appointment on Tuesday. KC swears it will help with my hot flashes, so I figured I’d give it a try. It can’t hurt, right? Well…it will probably hurt, but you know what I mean. Lol.
  • Pics or it didn’t happen!
  • Alrighty – back to work. Just a few hours to go.

this got me salty af

I meant to blog about this yesterday, but I was too busy.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was buried in a pile of cases, my partner exclaimed, “Look! I’m finished with all my work!” This irritated the ever living fuck out of me, because you probably shouldn’t brag about being done with your work, when you do the bare minimum on the file and then pass it off to me to do the hard parts. You aren’t done with your work, I’m done with your work.


Also, we’re never fucking done with our work. We’re attorneys. I could work all day every day for two weeks straight and still not be finished with just the stuff we have as of today.


My body is sore af from the 21 Day Fix workout I did on Monday night. It was slightly sore yesterday, but today it’s like whoa-my-god. Moving hurts.

I guess I’m going to do the second workout tonight. Ideally, I would have done it last night, but we took a break from exercising last night. We banged and watched TNG instead.

Tonight we have dinner plans with Ann & Rob, but not until late, so I’m going to try to squeeze in workout #2 before we go.

Send thoughts and prayers.

do you remember…

that gameshow from the 90’s: Supermarket Sweep?

I used to love that stupid, trashy show when I was a kid.

It came up today in conversation, and I have decided that I want to get high and watch it. For some reason that sounds fun to me.

I was also told that I should watch Zombie Tidal Wave, but having seen the trailer, I believe I shall pass on that suggestion. There isn’t enough weed in the world.