I got my wish that the day would be canceled. Well…in a way.

First of all, there was a misunderstanding about court this morning. It had been continued, so I didn’t have to go.

I woke up and couldn’t speak. My throat was (and still is) on fire.  I def couldn’t get through 12 consultations today. So those were rescheduled, and I was told to stay in bed and get better.

I called my surgeon’s office to report my illness. The doctor decided to reschedule the surgery, as she doesn’t want to take the risk that I have an infection of some sort which would spread to the implants and cause rejection. I also, obviously, do not want this. She wanted to reschedule for two weeks out, but the more I considered it, I felt uneasy about it. I was already pushing it by doing it now. We have just entered the busy season, and given the financial situation of the firm, I cannot afford a lot of down time just as things are picking up. I also don’t want to have surgery during the summer either – because I want to be able to swim and do vacations, etc. (My husband lives his best life in the summer, and nothing can interfere with that. We have so much fun during the summer omg). I ultimately asked if we could wait until early September. I was given the okay for that.

I’m a bit disappointed, as is my husband, because we were looking forward to the new boobs. Haha. But it’s fine. Shit happens. We’ll appreciate them all the more when September comes. In the meantime, it’s important to be an adult about it, buckle down, get back to the office, and make some fucking money. I’m going to be working my ass off (hopefully literally) these next four months.

I’m also a bit relieved to be honest. I wasn’t looking forward to the recovery. Going six weeks without being able to exercise or lift more than 10 pounds is fucking tough. The timing was bad. I probably never should have scheduled it for January to begin with.

Speaking of January, I’m just going to say this: FUCK JANUARY. I feel like my body is shriveling. I’m so dry. Everywhere. I’m thirsty all the time. I feel like I’m never going to be warm again. It’s awful, and I hate it. It’s by far the worst month of the year.

I’m feeling pretty shitty today. Since I already had tomorrow scheduled to be out (obvi) I told my office manager (K) that I was going to take a long weekend and try to feel better. Then on Monday I can hit it really hard. So the plan for the next two days (at least) is to be a lazy bitch. I’m currently lying in the bed in my study, buried under blankets, surrounded by books and electronics, getting ready to binge watch Season 3 of Mrs. Maisel. I’m going to break my treadmill-only rule. Fuck it.

The fact that I will no longer be spending all of February recovering is going to open up some interesting possibilities. *winky face* In fact, I know someone who is going to be very excited to hear that the surgery was rescheduled. Haha.



What? How? Why?

This stupid cold is kicking my ass.

My throat hurts.

I had nine consultations today, which means I was talking all fucking day. My throat is raw. My voice is almost gone. But I was in the motherfucking zone today. These people loved me.

I talked to Angela on the phone for the hour it took to get home. That didn’t help the voice issue. Yes, I talked on the phone. It’s been happening a lot lately.

I came home and worked for a few more hours.

It’s almost ten now and I’m fucking wrecked.

This is happening currently:

Which means tomorrow will be fucked. I have court in the morning and then like twelve appointments in the Jeffco office. Ugh ugh ugh.

Oh and I brought a literal box of work home to do next week while I’m stuck working from home. Of course, that assumes I’ll still be able to have surgery on Friday, but I don’t know if I’ll be allowed if this cold hasn’t improved by then.

Plus, I’m now freaking out about the surgery, because…what if, what if, what if. I’m tired of being cut open. And D goes out of town next Monday which fucking sucks donkey dick.

But this…I love this:

Carrie got this for me and it is amazing.

I’ll give you one guess as to who I listed as the asshole of the day. 😆

That motherfucking piece of shit. No updates on that situation as of yet.

Some things that made me laugh this week:

And the best thing to happen today:

Can tomorrow be canceled please?

I told D I’d watch more Voyager after he and Jackson finish up their game (Axis and Allies), but I’m not sure I can keep my eyes open much longer.

So that’s Wednesday. 🤦🏻‍♀️

a little update

  • My former business partner has decided he wants to fight about money now. So we both get to pay attorneys to fight over non-existent money. Classic Scott. Short sighted per usual.
  • I have come down with a cold, which is unfortunate. I’m hoping it clears up quickly. Otherwise my surgery may be a no-go.
  • I had to get my nose hoop taken out yesterday (in preparation for the surgery) and holy fuckity fuck that hurt. So now my nose is all inflamed and terrible looking. I have a little straight stud in now, so that should be easy to pull out the morning of surgery. I’d like to go back to the hoop look, but now I’m scared, because ouch.
  • Today is the best day: DMB tour dates were released! The boys aren’t coming to STL this time (boo), but I managed to snag hotel reservations for Deer Creek (Noblesville, IN). Tomorrow I can put in my requests for tickets through Warehouse.
  • D and I are discussing maybe doing the West Palm Beach dates too, and then driving down to Key West for a couple of nights after. That will all depend upon finances over the next few months.
  • Picard starts tomorrow!!
  • I feel like shit. Ugh.
  • It’s supposed to snow…again.
  • Okay bye.

a day in the life: work day edition

9:20 am

I’m going to just type things here in this text box as they come to me throughout the day.

Those sleeping pills work, dude. Maybe too well.

My 9:00 appointment canceled. They always cancel. I don’t know why the ladies even bother setting them.

Traffic was beautiful today. I love driving on holidays.

I like staying home on holidays more tho. lol.


10:25 am

So far 3 out of 3 appointments have either canceled or no-showed. This is typical. Especially in the mornings.

At least it’s giving me time to get caught up on other stuff.

Just got an invite to N’s birthday party on 2/8. It’s a super small gathering. Beer & games at URB/Recess. Should be fun. Our February is already booking up. D and I want to go on a mini weekend vacay the weekend of Feb 21st. We’re thinking Memphis. Then that Sunday night, I have a ticket to see Rent!! And let’s not forget Valentine’s Day! I love Valentine’s Day!


10:58 am

Why are so many people comfortable with being late? It’s a huge pet peeve of mine. It’s so fucking disrespectful. On time to a professional appointment is at least 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment. I’ll give you a pass if you at least show up at the appointment time, but people who walk in ten to twenty minutes late like it’s no big deal: ooh that shit really fucking enrages me.


11:26 am

My 2020 rule of not working for free is starting to piss a lot of people off – including my staff.

People know what the rules are. If they choose not to follow the rules, I refuse to let that be my problem anymore. I’m done with this shit.

I’m extremely fucking annoyed.


12:16 pm

No longer annoyed. My mood swings, dude, let me tell you. Hey, I’m Cancer sun and Cancer moon. It goes with the territory.

I just finished my go-to Bread Co salad, aka The Jenn Special: half chicken caesar salad with extra dressing and add gorgonzola.

I think I need to cut way back on my drinking again. It has creeped up these past two weeks. We’ve had a lot of shit going on though. Soon I’ll be on oxy for a bit – so I won’t be able to drink. It will be easy to go full-on Keto during my recovery week. I’m hoping to lose a couple of pounds. I need to see the 140s again!!

Though, honestly, I haven’t been getting any complaints. If you know what I mean.

People who wait until the day before a foreclosure sale to call an attorney are baffling to me. And then they’re like: drop everything to save my house, but I don’t have any money to pay you.

cool, cool, cool. PASS.

One of my favorite work related things is when someone calls for a quote, then talks shit about the amount, hangs up on us, and then calls back like 30 minutes later to hire us. Yep. We’re a good deal, motherfucker, but now the price has gone up. *shrugs* Don’t be a dick!


12:42 pm

Five of the seven afternoon appointments have confirmed. Not that this really means anything. Haha.


3:30 pm

I just finished four back-to-back consultations.


Now I’m eating a beef stick and some cheese. Mmm.


3:39 pm

Some lady called here earlier wanting to file Ch 13 to stop the sale of her home scheduled for tomorrow fucking afternoon. Then I find out that the real estate is actually owned by her LLC, and she was going to go quit claim it into her own name. So I was like nah pass. I’m not in the mood to fuck with any of that shit today. Fast forward to just now, when a fellow bk attorney just told me that this chick also called her, and it turns out she has committed all kinds of fraud – including forging the judge’s name in a previous bankruptcy case. HOLY FUCK. Bullet dodged.


4:37 pm

Today I had two (male) clients not believe I was the attorney because apparently I look too young. On the one hand, it’s kind of a compliment, right? But, on the other hand, how rude for you to ask what my age is, random man who came in to discuss bankruptcy. My age is old enough to be the only attorney in the room, bro.


The office closes in 20 minutes, and I will be heading to a local bar/restaurant to meet up with Carrie. It will be good to see her and get caught up. Despite what I mentioned earlier in this post, I think I’ll be having a drink tonight. It has been a long day.

Not gonna lie: I’m dreading trying to park in the CWE and then walk in the freezing cold to the restaurant, but it will be worth it. Something I really enjoy about the suburbs are the fucking parking lots.





That’s the rub

D started a new private blog that only I can read, because he’s concerned about who may be reading it. But then yesterday he admitted that blogging has lost it’s appeal now that nobody else is reading. And, really, that’s the somewhat embarrassing truth: there’s a thrill to not knowing who may be reading along. The voyeurism is half the fun.

I post. You read. And maybe you like it. Or maybe you think I’m an asshole. I’ll never know. But it’s addictive…leaving these little pieces of myself and my life exposed on the internet.


I’m the only one in my family who isn’t off tomorrow. I have twelve appointments scheduled. Send tequila and Xanax please.

The bright side: I’m going to have dinner with Carrie before I head back out to the suburbs.

And now I shall drug myself and try to beat back the Sunday night anxiety. Only four work days this week. Friday is surgery. Then I’m out for an entire week, though I’ll be working from home. This makes me anxious for a variety of reasons.