free the thoughts

– had to throw down some tough love on Jackson today when he wanted to give up on learning to ride his bike. At one point, he sat in the street and cried. We made him keep trying, and it worked out. He is so pleased. I got lots of hugs tonight.

– D and I took turns riding the kids’ bikes. We’re going to get our own once we’re back from vacation.

– I ordered a special vacation shirt from Etsy, and it just shipped today. So. 😡

– but I have several other shirts specifically selected for this trip, which I’m excited to wear.

– my other blog is still fucked. They sent me an email update this morning telling me just how fucked. Whatever.

– speaking of…the other blog was down for less than half a day before I lost my shit. I am seriously addicted to blogging. I don’t mind. It’s sort of like a combination of free therapy and entertainment. There are worst things to be obsessed with.

– I spent about 45 minutes outside this evening, and the mosquitoes feasted upon my body. They bit me through my clothes even. What the actual fuck??

– we have an early morning tomorrow, and a long day of driving, so I really should be sleeping, but I’m all nervouscited.

– btw I’m feeling guilty about being gone for so long, but I really need this, so I’m trying to chill. I deserve this.

One more day

Only one work day left until I’m on vacation for 12 days. 12 glorious days away from the office. I feel kind of guilty about it, but I need this. Also, it’s all for my 40th birthday, and that’s a big deal. So yeah.

I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow to get ready. Laundry, packing, last minute shopping, etc. Not to mention everything I need to do at the office before I can leave.

The point is…I’m very excited.