Day 18

I’m thankful for blogging. 

I’ve always been into journaling. I started keeping a diary at a very young age. I kept them all throughout college, until I opened a Livejournal account in March 2004.  I met a lot of really amazing ladies through LJ, particularly from the Nov 2009 babies group. In 2012, I transitioned to Tumblr, where I have met even more amazing people. People who have made my life better.

I can’t imagine living a life where I’m not writing about life. It’s such a great tool for working through feelings and problems.  Plus, it’s just a fun way to keep a record of your life.  I love going back and reading my old journals/blogs. The good, the bad, and the really, really bad (I’m looking at you, 2012).  All of it.   (It’s particularly important to me now that chemo brain has taken it’s toll, and I feel like I can’t remember anything.)

Day 15

I’m thankful to be my own boss. I decided to leave a good position as head bankruptcy/trustee attorney back in December 2010, to open my own law firm.  It’s almost three years later, and things are going really well. It was super scary, and things have been difficult at times, but all the hard work has been worth it. I love walking into the office and thinking: This is mine. I did this. It’s a sweet feeling.

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without my partner. Gotta put that out there. We’ve had some rough patches, but we are in this together, and I love him.