Blog Challenge, Day 25: My top five favorite blogs

I read a lot of personal Tumblr blogs written by friends, but this list will concentrate on blogs written by people I don’t know in real life.

  1. Story by Modcloth
  2. A Little Earthquake – cancer blog/personal. Hasn’t been updated in a few months. I hope that changes.
  3. The Bloggess – I’ve always been bad about staying up to date on this one, but now it’s in my WordPress feed so yay!
  4. STL Hops – because beer.
  5. The Dressed Aesthetic – fashion blog. My favorite.

Blog challenge, Day 21 – My top ten favorite foods

  1. Ribeye steak. Medium rare. With cajun rub and/or blue cheese butter.
  2. Buffalo wings. The spicier the better.
  3. Cheese. Especially: goat cheese, blue cheese, and extra sharp cheddar.
  4. Cake. Except angel food cake. Ugh.
  5. Cookies.
  6. A steak or carnitas burrito from Chipotle with cheese, white cilantro rice, hot salsa, and extra sour cream.
  7. Tacos.
  8. Potatoes. Especially loaded & baked, au gratin, and french fries.
  9. Pizza. My favorite is from Faraci (stl style, baby).
  10. Sushi – especially rolls with spicy tuna.

I’m hungry now.

Blog Challenge, Day 20: A difficult time in my life

The year was 2012 –

I had an affair. I felt very guilty about it, though not guilty enough to stop.

The affair lead to me finally leaving my unhappy marriage.

I dealt with serious drama as a result of both, which was obviously my own fault, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult.

My relationship with D was on again/off again. We had very high highs and the lowest lows. It was rough go that year. It’s hard to start a new relationship amid so much drama.

Then, when things were finally turning around, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At 33 fucking years old. And they cut off my tits (Nov 28, 2012). (And they poisoned me. And they burned me. But that part technically happened in 2013).

So yeah, fuck 2012.