The daily recap: oh Monday, you bitch

Woke up at 5:58 am.

Sick dog shitting all over the place.

Grumpy, sleep deprived husband was up all night dealing with sick dog. Left him at home with the dog. (He was able to take a nap, thankfully).

Dropped the kids off at school.

Hauled ass to crim court in Clayton. My client didn’t bother to show up. Fun times.

Met with a couple of crazy ass motherfuckers at the office. I’m too tired to go into the details, but it was a whole fucking ordeal. I’m tired of dealing with legit crazy people all the fucking time.

More court. City muni this time. In the waiting room, I was forced to interact with this creeper who tried to bang me like 9 years ago. He told me a bunch of bad jokes. It was awkward.

Back to the office for more client interactions. The afternoon batch wasn’t too bad.

Left around 4:30 to do kid pick-ups. Finally got home around 6:15 pm. I go from the city to Chesterfield to Saint Peters to O’Fallon and seriously fuuuuuuuuck me, dude.

Almost cried with relief when I finally took off my shoes. Fashion means pain sometimes.

Started working again at 6:30. I worked at the kitchen bar while D cooked.


Back to work until a little after nine.

Used the pet stain vac to clean up Bismarck’s mess. Ugh.

Started this:

Not sure how I feel about it yet. The characters are weird.

Stopped in the middle of the show to dig Freya’s phone out of the fucking toilet. Sigh.

And now we are in bed. Fucking finally.

Good night. My alarm will go off in six hours.