A Day In My Life

5 am – woke up for a pee break. Played around on social media in bed. Listened to my husband breathing. Curled up next to him. Fell back asleep.

7 am – woke up briefly to get my kid up and moving for the day and then back to sleep.

9:30 am – up and at ‘em. Taking care of the pets. Gotta take all the meds. Return/initiate texts.

10 am – reading

10:30 am – texting with the teen and trying to help her through more drama. Wishing it wasn’t illegal for me to fuck some kids up. Also wishing she would hear me when I tell her she is worth more than this. Sigh.

11 am – got high on some Lemon Haze. Turned on my stories.

12:20 pm – lunch, Amazon shopping, and reading.

12:55 pm – laundry, more tv while folding laundry, and some husky wrangling

1:20 pm – got horribly ill. It was a shituation. Hahaha I crack myself up.

1:35 pm – back in bed. Trying to rest.

Cat cuddles help.

2:45 pm – in person chat with Freya

3 pm – and we’re off to get Jackson

4 pm – back at home. Had good car convo with the kids. (Also listened to the new TSwift. I’m into it. Vigilante Shit is a jam). Trying to teach my girl how to be a bad bitch who stands up for herself is hard work but I’m gonna keep on keeping on. I know she can do it. In the meantime, it’s more tv and laundry, and obsessing over my new blanket that finally arrived.

Isn’t she lovely?
Oh and Jackson’s soccer stuff showed up, and he’s very excited.

5 pm – D is on his way home. Time to get ready for date night.

5:15 pm –

This is as good as it gets tonight, kids.

5:16 pm – social media scrolling. Unfollowing some people who drive me crazy. Life is too short to go crazy over stupid shit. Ooh I hear my husband pulling into the garage!! ❤️

5:35 pm – at our local brewery!

5:50 pm –

7 pm – New location! The Brass Rail.

7:30 pm –

8:30 pm – back at home!

He was mid sentence. Lol

8:40 pm – watching my husband pack for business travel. He leaves very early tomorrow morning. I’m going to miss him.

9 pm – Parks and Rec

Loving my bedroom tv btw.

9:40 pm – fed the cats, put Bizzy in his kennel, turned on some It’s Always Sunny, and climbed into bed with my man. Goodnight!! 💜

A really good, very busy Tuesday

Let’s do A Day in the Life! LiveJournal style!! If you know, you know.

I slept so late that my husband got worried. Lol. I took a sleeping pill the night before. Frey woke me up.

She knocked on my door and said, “Dad wants to know if Glenn is awake?” I was so confused. Fucking smartass 😆

But then D and I started texting, and he invited me to lunch. He’s back in the office three days per week now.

So I rushed to get ready. I decided I wanted long hair today. Then I felt cute and needed to selfie.

Then we had lunch at the bar where we first met. 🥰

When I got home, Frey wanted to practice driving, so I had her drive me to run errands. It was her first time out of the subdivision, and she did great!

First stop was Petco, where I bought new aquarium equipment.

And then we decided to do some thrifting at Goodwill. It was Jackson’s first time!

I yelled at that weird old lady right there for telling Jackson to get out of her way. Mama bear don’t play that shit. You better recognize and show some fucking respect, ho.

After running Frey to her boyfriend’s house, I got back to see my husband was home. we hung for a bit. Then I assembled the aquarium. Success!!

Betsy and Bernie have a sweet new home. (see footnote).

Dave and Jackson were playing Armada, so I decided to take a solo trip to Target for some retail therapy. It was more than successful, and I came home with a gift for my girls.

Bismarck is jealous.

Around 10:30, I went for a walk with D. It was good to move, but fuck it’s gross outside. Though I did see a most glorious toad. 🥰

And now we’re in bed. I took another sleeping pill, and now I’m going to play Hay Day until I fall asleep.

**I regret to inform you that Bernie has since passed away.