Saturday Night Wine Fest

C & J came over last night to hang. We did our blind wine tasting. It was all reds. We had: Pinot noir, merlot, brunello, Syrah, and a sweet red. The price points were: $10, $20, $30, $50, and $100. I did horribly this round and only managed 1 point. The sweet red was obviously the easiest to identify. Anyway – wine (and pizza) ftw!

We sat around talking for like six hours, and it was lovely. They’re one of my favorite couples because they are so easy to talk to, especially now. They don’t shy away from talking about my cancer or death, and that’s exactly what I need. We’re lucky to have them, and I’m grateful that D will have them to lean on when the time comes.

Here’s a pic of Sansa from last night, just because she’s so damn cute:

Halloween Party 2022

This was the 11th annual Halloween party. We’ve come full circle in that it was small this year, just like the first one. About 14 people total, and 6 of those were kids. It was super laid back, which is what I needed. I want to see people, but it’s usually better to do so on my home turf.

I didn’t take many pics this year. I was too tired. I hate all the things this disease has taken from me.

Last night, Nancy told me that her and Carmen are planning to get a tattoo in my memory when the time comes. Carmen designed it to be my signature and then the last N loops into a cat. It sounds cute, and I was kind of floored that they want to do that. For me? Really? I almost cried.

A close-up of my costume. It wasn’t very comfortable so I ditched it about halfway through the night.

Comfort is king.

home is where the heart is

Last night was so good and chill. Yummy Chinese food and good conversation followed by Sunny and The Office. We were going to watch the new Thor movie but decided to save it till tonight. I know there’s a breast cancer subplot, so I’m prepared to cry.

I look awful in this pic, but I’ve decided to take and post even the bad ones.

Memories ♥️

about last night

D was craving tamales, so we went out for Mexican. I decided to treat myself to a strawberry marg, which was delicious, but made my stomach hurt. Alcohol doesn’t sit well for me anymore, which is a real bummer considering how much I’ve always enjoyed it.

Things got a little emotional at dinner as we talked about some cancery stuff. We just feel so ripped off, and it’s hard not to be bitter. Still, we agree that we can still milk some good out of life, and that’s the plan. Live big!

PS: I was wearing a long black dress with the purple wig and glasses. D said I looked edgy, like the cool girl in college who wouldn’t talk to him. I just thought that was cute and worth noting. ♥️

Impromptu Date Night Exploits

We were planning on running errands and cooking at home, but then I asked to stop for a drink, and things escalated quickly.

First stop: Playoffs. It’s a dive near the house that we tried on a whim.

Then we went to Streets of Saint Charles, which I consider the CWE of Saint Charles Co. We popped into Narwahls, which is like Trops, but way nicer.

And then we had a late dinner at Napoli 3.

I love how much fun we have together. I love how much he spoils me. I’m so thankful for this period of good health. I’m going to squeeze out all the good/fun/love I can. ♥️

Saturday night recap

So about last night…

The chemistry just wasn’t there for me. At least with the husband. I’m more into the wife, but even that felt sort of forced. Maybe if I got to know them better. I guess I’m not a ho anymore. How inconvenient. LOL.

We hung out until around 12:30, but nothing happened.

Then D and I fucked, debriefed, and went to bed.

I kept drinking to try to get myself hyped, so now I have a headache. I also went over my carb budget, so now I have a stomach ache too. Fun!

It has been an interesting weekend. I’m glad we have no plans to see anyone else today. The only thing on the agenda is putting up the big Christmas tree.

Do or Die Date

Met up with our pals for dinner. Then we headed to their place to play Do or Die, which is a game where you either do crazy shit or you do shots.

I didn’t get many pics, because I was voted (in the game) most likely to be addicted to social media, so after a certain point I was not allowed to be on my phone. Lol. Those are the rules!

It was a fun night. We’ve decided we def need to be hanging more often. We always have a lot of fun together. D was so relaxed all night, and that made my heart happy. He’s had a fucking rough few months. I’m glad we’re over the hump now.


We have seven hours until the next date. ☺️ We’re meeting them at seven at a local restaurant. Not sure what else we will get into. We’ve only hung with them a couple of times, so this friendship is very new. They’re very sweet though, and super cute. I’m excited to see them again.

It’s been a while since we’ve been this social. Feels like the old days.