About last night: Independence Day edition

Nick & Nancy came over around 7. We grilled and hung out on the deck until it was dark enough for fireworks. Then the four of us + Jackson headed out to the front yard where the neighbors were already out doing their thing.

There were an insane amount of fireworks – like professional level shit. It was glorious (though Bismark certainly didn’t think so). I didn’t take many pics, because nobody wants to see my shitty iPhone firework pics lol. Plus we were busy having fun.

Here are two:

Oh and the one I took of our frenemy neighbors who decided to have a big party.

That’s not all the people who were there. At one point, the men started throwing fireworks at each other. For fuck’s sake. 🙄

Afterwards, N&N hung out for a few more hours. We had a lot to catch up on.

Friday Night Fun

Last night’s dinner was amazing. Can’t wait to dig into the leftovers.

After dinner, we logged into Zoom for wine club. The wines weren’t very good this time, but the company was great.

It always starts off a bit awkward, but gets fun once everyone is tipsy.

I feel like we’re starting to find our footing in the group.

Oh and my favorite part: the theme was Boats and Hos, so D wore his old Navy uniform, and god damn. 😍

D and I look forward to eventually meeting everyone in person. They are a fun group.

wine night attire

The dress code was sundresses for the ladies, and Hawaiian shirts for the men.

It was a lifestyle event, so I had to wear my pineapple earrings.

I drank out of my favorite wine glass:

Dave is very proud of his Hawaiian shirt he bought at Pearl Harbor.

Not posting a group photo this time, because we used zoom so it had everyone’s names displayed. Not trying to out anyone. Oh and one lady was already naked by the time I took the pic. She was…interesting.

For the record, most people, including us, did not get naked. It was mostly just a fun, drunken conversation.

About last night: mom life

D was playing Skype D&D while the kids and I did our own thing. We had a good night.

I threw together an Italian feast: spaghetti marinara, pizza, and salad.

Then we took Bizzy for a walk. Freya skateboarded, which is her new thing. (I got her a starter board as a Valentine’s Day gift. She’s gotten pretty good. Only fell once. She asked for a real board for her birthday.)

Once we were back at home, we played a few rounds of this:

It was more fun than I expected. There was much shit talking. 😂

Then it was movie time. They wanted a 90s horror movie, and I needed something that wouldn’t scare Jackson too much, so I chose Scream. They loved it. We shit talked the characters the entire time.

(That movie came out in 1996 and holy fuck do I feel old).

about last night: truth or drink

We Skyped with two couples last night and played Truth or Drink. We had a good time with it. As everyone got drunker and drunker, it started turning into dares, and then eventually we were all having sex. It got a little weird at the end, because one friend was wasted and got mad at her husband about something, so she was yelling at him, but her words were all slurred. At that point, D and I ended things so that everyone could go sleep it off. It was (mostly) fun, though it would have been more fun in person. Something to look forward to.

Goodbye, Trailhead. Thanks for the memories.

Last night, we went to dinner at Trailhead one last time before it officially becomes Schlafly. We spent a lot of time there early in our relationship, and so tribute had to be paid. I do think Schlafly will be a big improvement though. I’m looking forward to checking it out this summer.

That’s us outside the restaurant.

Friday night dinner date: the classics

That was my first potato in two months, and holy fuck it was delicious. The filet was also incredible; D has learned a new pan searing technique that has really upped his cooking game. Oh and the Picard wine was a fucking delight. Not pictured: classic caesar salad.

After dinner, we half-assed watched My Best Friend’s Wedding, while chatting about all the things. A lot of these 90s movies just don’t hold up. They seem so cheesy now. But I told D I want to watch Jerry McGuire next. It’s fun to revisit these even if they don’t rewatch well.

There was some crying, but overall it was a lovely night.

Oh and I almost forgot: we decided to watch the original Star Trek series from the beginning. So we started the pilot, but then we were falling asleep, so we’ll finish it at some point this weekend.

About last night: Nick’s 35th birthday

First of all, why are my friends so young? I guess D and I are just young at heart?

Anyway…last night we joined Nick, Nancy, Jen, & AK, for a night out in The Grove.

First up: pizza and beer at Urban Research Brewery; except I didn’t have pizza or beer. I had caesar salad and water. Turns out beer is quite acidic, and need to take a break from acidic shit right now. The caesar was actually quite delicious, which is high praise, because I’m a bit of a caesar connoisseur nowadays. Haha.

Afterwards, we headed a couple blocks down to Recess STL, which is a big warehouse that’s been turned into an adult game bar. We played hockey, and threw footballs at bowling pins, which is way more fun (and frustrating) than it sounds. It was super crowded though, so we eventually bailed, and headed back out to O’Fallon, where we all live. We went to the neighborhood pub for more food and drink. It was a lot of fun, and I think we can now call Jen & AK actual friends, instead of just acquaintances.

I had three gin and tonics, and a few hits of weed off Nick’s vape throughout the night, so I was pretty lit by the time we got home, where I then smoked more weed, because duh. From what I can recall, the sex was amazing. 🤗

There’s a group pic too, but I don’t have it. We were cute though. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

About last night: the Mormon’s 30th birthday party

Yep…I not only went to a 30th birthday party, but also a Mormon birthday party. No booze – except for the 40 ounce my husband brought (lol). They did have caffeine, however, which is apparently a big deal.

Look how thrilled we are:

I promise it wasn’t always like that. ^^

I did have some fun. It was just awkward.

There was a piñata filled with like tums and pepto and other “old person stuff.” The birthday girl insisted I go first when it was time to break it. There’s a video, but I don’t feel like fucking with all of that.

Here is the aftermath:

We played Cards Against Humanity, which was apparently very scandalous and offensive to everyone except us. One dude refused to read his card because of the swear words. I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

But she is super sweet, and really likes me for reasons I have yet to figure out. We stayed a few hours, and then came home. I felt good about going. She was very excited, and I do want to expand our friendship. She and her husband really want to play D&D with us, so hopefully we can make that happen soon.

This party made me feel both very old and very cool. Haha.

About last night: impromptu date night

We went out tonight for dinner at our favorite seafood place, and then out for drinks at the local pub. It seemed like the right thing to do considering next weekend will be a bust (because surgery).

Gimme all the gin please.

J&M are out of town, but flirting quite a bit via text, and we’re quite besotted with them. They say all the right things. I enjoy that our two main couple crushes (J&M and C&J) are legitimately friends first. We’re going to invite both couples over for a party in the next month or so. Tonight J was like: we want to hang again asap, even if it’s just a vanilla get together. ❤️

D is absolutely wasted. Just got him to bed. The kids and pets are all situated. It’s 1:04 am and I’ve downed a Morning Recovery and am ready to pass out.

I love my life. ❤️❤️❤️


We had a lot of fun last night. I have a feeling these two could end up being really good friends, and there is definitely chemistry. Gen X dudes just do it for me. And let’s not forget J: she’s a sexy, sexy bitch. Unf.

And now we will take a much needed break. We hit Project Ho hard. It has been a lot of fun, but also kind of exhausting. Don’t worry…we plan on resuming our activities after I’m all healed. In fact, there are already tentative plans.

This time next week I’ll be in surgery. I can’t wait to have my new boobs. D and I are both very excited. I’m a bit worried about my tattoos, but I can always redo them. I’m thinking maybe hearts this time. I’m going to buy some pasties and experiment. If I can’t have my nipples back, I might as well have fun with it, right?