always extra…

A fellow WP blogger posted that she has 23 unpublished posts in her drafts folder, which prompted others to comment with their number. I just checked mine, and I’m sitting at 255 unpublished posts. Lol-for-fucking-ever. Always extra, baby. Maybe I’ll choose one to post at random. Post or purge, right?

Let me tell you something

It’s probably tmi so proceed at your own risk.

Since I’ve turned 40, my sex drive has been turned up to 11. I’m dtf almost always. Last night, around two am, I almost woke up my husband to fuck, but then decided to take matters into my own hands instead. I assumed, correctly, that I’d get that dick first thing in the morning.

I don’t have the best body, but I have an amazing ass and legs, a cute face, and am an enthusiastic lay. I think that’s plenty.

11:39 pm on a Friday night

I want to go into great detail about what a good day I’ve had, but I’m too fucking tired.

The short version: the workday flew by and then I spent the evening shopping and dining with my bestie. We had a great time.

And now I am in bed, where I will chill until I finally pass out.

Oh and maybe I’ll get crazy and smoke some weed in the bathroom (so I don’t bother our house guest).

What I’m not going to do is sit here and write a big long rant about how middle aged and frumpy I have felt all day, which is actually silly considering how many genuine compliments I received today, mostly from complete strangers, on my look/sense of style. But you know…this fucking brain of mine is a god damned asshole, so. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I didn’t take a picture of my outfit today, but it was a black and white cat dress over teal leggings with black Mary Jane heels. I also wore my black and white houndstooth jacket with a big pink flower brooch. I finished it off with a pearl headband. Two random people at court had a discussion right in front of me about my look, and informed me I look like some TV character I had never heard of.

And like yeah I guess I kind of do. ^^