Throwback Thursday: music edition

I’ve been listening to oldie (but goodie) music this last week. It started with revisiting my Tori Amos playlist, and then I moved onto Metric, and The Rolling Stones (weird combo, I know), and this morning is all about Neil Finn. I love me some Neil Finn.

I saw Neil once back in like 2001-ish somewhere down in Orange County, when I lived in Cali. It was one of the beaches…Huntington Beach maybe. He put on an amazing show, and we were super close, like at a table right in front of the stage. (We waited hours in line to get such amazing seats, which is a thing my ex and I used to do). About half-way through the show, Eddie Veder showed up, and joined Neil on the stage, where they performed Stuff and Nonsense (and a couple of other songs). Ahhhh so fucking good.

Seeing Angels & Airwaves last weekend brought back a lot of live music memories for me. I used to see shows all the time – like several times per month. I’m not going to be able to get back to that given all my responsibilities, but I do want to make more of an effort to see live music (that isn’t DMB…lol). I saw that Grace Potter is coming to STL sometime next month, and I’m thinking I need to make that happen. I heart Grace Potter.

A blast from the past!!

I took the kids to Target earlier and ended up running into an old friend I haven’t seen in like twenty years!! We used to work together at the Ferguson Library. We used to go country line dancing together at Incahoots. Omg I can’t believe it! There may have been squee-ing. Haha.

Freya insisted we get a pic, and even though I looked fucking awful, I jumped at the chance. In my defense, we’re going hiking later. Lol.


And now we’re meeting for lunch later this week.

I’ve got you

I love taking care of my husband when he gets too drunk.

That probably seems weird to some (most?) people, but it’s true. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’m happy to leave wherever we are as soon as he says he’s had too much, drive him home, get him undressed, and safely into bed. Give him three Thive+ tablets, two Advil, and a big glass of water. Tell him I love him and soothe him to sleep.

I remember when I was with G (my ex-husband) and how he would shame me every time I got too drunk. He was so brutal that he had me thinking I had a legitimate drinking problem; when really I was just blowing off steam. I remember the night I found out I passed the bar exam: we went out with a few friends and I really cut loose, which I like to think was completely understandable under the circumstances. But apparently not, because he shit talked me for days. I sucked. I was an alcoholic. And a bad wife. And selfish. And it went on and on. All because I had too many drinks in celebration of a huge fucking achievement: you know…passing the fucking bar exam, and got spinny and nauseated as a result. I never ever forgot the way he made me feel, and I promised myself I’d never make anyone else feel shitty for getting too drunk. Getting yelled at while you’re throwing up is the fucking worst. Who does that to someone they supposedly love??

I remember the first time I got too drunk around D. It was during our first summer together. I got super defensive because I just assumed he would be shitty to me because of it, and as a result, I was unintentionally shitty to him. That was a huge relationship milestone for us. That night was my first significant indication that maybe I could relax around him. It feels good to know you’re safe and taken care of no matter what. I want D, my kids, and my friends to always know I’ve got them. No matter what.

flashback friday


This is me and James, one of my college besties. I love him so very much, and I miss him like crazy. He lives in Hawaii now with his lovely husband, so I don’t get to see him often, but when I do we fall right back into sync.

When we met, it was almost like love at first sight, because we just clicked. I remember sitting around the dorm, discussing and fantasizing about where we’d end up. It has been a wild, but delightful, ride. Look at us: two trashy kids from the ghetto fulfilling our dreams. We made it!! Fuck yes.

On this day…

4 years ago today, we saw the aurora borealis in Iceland. Well…more accurately, 4 years ago today we got back to civilization and the internet and were able to post about how we saw them. Haha.

That light off to the side is the little cabin we were staying in. That was an incredible trip. We desperately need to plan another adventure trip.