out with the old (skin)

I went to the spa this morning for my chemical peel. I received a medium strength glycolic acid peel that was safe to be administered without the assistance of a dermatologist. She prepped my face, applied the acid, and left it for a little over ten minutes. I tolerated it well. It stung a bit, but nothing too terrible. Then she applied a dark spot treatment mask. Afterwards, she moisturized the skin and applied a very protective sunscreen.

For the next 48 hours, I can’t wear any make-up. Just moisturizers and sunscreen. I bought the spa’s brand of sunscreen, which contains 10% zinc oxide and yet glides on like a dream with no white residue and a dewy finish. I think I’m in love. Holy grail sunblock alert! I’m all about the sunscreen, and hats, and generally just avoiding the sun at all costs.

She said my face would start to feel tight, and it definitely does. She told me to expect my face to peel over the next few days, kind of like having a bad sunburn. So far, I have no redness. My esthetician said she was impressed by how well my skin handled it.

I’m excited to see the results! I’m doing a second peel in 6 weeks and I’m thinking I may do the next step up, which has a higher concentration of acid and throws retinol into the mix as well.

I’m getting addicted to the spa. I needed a new addiction, though. Clothes shopping has gotten boring. I have shit hanging in the closet that still has tags. I’m thinking of doing a challenge in August where I can’t re-wear an outfit for the entire month. It’s time to wear these damn clothes!

comfy and casual

I finally crawled out of bed and cleaned myself up since D is on his way home. Rocking a Carly today. I shrunk it a bit in the dryer, and I tied it in the back, but it still feels like a muumuu. Lol. It’s mostly just shorter now. 😂

I’m hosting a Lularoe party at my house on the 9th. The theme is muffins and mimosas. My friend is selling so I hope we have a good turnout for her. (Carrie: it’s Mel so you have to come out!) 

Ooh maybe I’ll try selling some LipSense that day! Wanna see my page? I’m @getlippywithjenn on Facebook. 

Product Praise

I wanted to share a few products I’ve discovered recently which I feel are tops.

  1. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost. It’s expensive, but it works. My lashes are looking long and luscious. Much better than extensions. If you’re on the fence: dooooo it. It’s like $120 per tube, but a tube lasts like four months so that’s actually way cheaper than lash extensions. 
  2. Posh Cackle Spackle. I love this face mask. It has spearmint oil, which smells amazing, and has a nice tingly feeling. I can feel it pulling toxins out of my pores and afterward my skin feels amazing. 
  3. LipSense. I just finally tried this today, but I’m already hooked. This lip color is extremely long lasting. I put mine on at 8 am. It’s 9:17 pm now and it’s still on, though very slightly diminished. I reapplied the gloss throughout the day as needed. I need this in several more colors. I’m ready to throw out my old lip products. It’s that good. I ate a bagel and the color didn’t transfer even a little bit!!

If you want to try any of these products, let me know and I’ll hook you up with my consultants. 


lash extensions: my experience

I have been asked about this quite a bit, so I decided to go ahead and share my experience with lash extensions.

I got a full set in February and was absolutely floored by how amazing my eyes looked. Long, full, and luscious…I had lashes for days! It took about two hours for my consultant to apply them and it was a pain free experience. I was hooked.

The first two weeks was a challenge in learning how to maintain my new look. It required a significant investment of both time and money. My full set was around $100 and I had to come in for a fill every two to three weeks, which would be another $60 plus tip, in addition to another hour of time.

The lashes had to be washed twice per day with a special solution. Afterward, I had to dry them with a hair dryer (on the cool setting) and comb them into place. I was literally styling my fucking eyelashes. I couldn’t wear any of my regular make-up anymore because it degraded the adhesive and caused early lash loss. The consultants urged me not to use any make-up at all, but said if I absolutely had to it should be the extension safe make-up line they offered. I purchased several expensive products and hated every single one. Eventually, I stopped wearing make-up altogether, which made me sad, because I’m an eyeliner whore.

I was also obsessing over my lashes. They would fall out of place and sometimes poke me in the eye repeatedly, which was painful. I was hyper aware of any lash loss, and I seemed to lose lashes much more quickly than I had previously. At first, I chalked that up to being hyper aware and to the fact that the extensions are much more noticeable when they fall off since they are blacker and thicker. But nope. In the long term it became apparent that I definitely had less of my own lashes than when I started. That is when I decided I was done.  I made it about 2 1/2 months being a lash diva. It’s just not for me.

I am currently in the process of letting them grow out/fall off on their own. I’ve gone back to using my regular products and I’m much happier. I haven’t given up on having long, luscious lashes, however. I have a package of Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields on its way to me right now. The before and after pics are amazing. I should likely see results in six weeks, and I will update on whether it is something worth investing in.

Powder dip mani

I got one of these today for the first time and it was an interesting process. You dip your finger into a small pot of colored powder with a bit of adhesive applied before and between dips. After some filing and top coats, you have the same look as a gel manicure, but without the UV light. 

It’s said to last several weeks, and doesn’t weaken your nail beds. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. 

one new thing

A good friend of mine has inspired me to try one new thing per month in 2017. January’s one new thing? Lash extensions!! I’ve been thinking about trying these since right after I finished chemo in 2013. It was time to bite the bullet. 

I’m wearing no makeup in this pic. (I know, right?!)

Verdict: I’m in love!! I can’t wait to see how they look with eyeliner and a touch of mascara. 

The downside: expensive and high maintenance. However, my vanity knows no bounds. Haha. Just kidding. Kind of.