hella good

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. I’m pretty sure they are almost everyone’s favorite day of the week though, so that isn’t super surprising or anything.

I slept in today! I woke up at 8:30. I lounged about for a short while, but then got up and got to work. I’ve gotten in about two hours at this point. Not too shabby. There is more to do, but I may take a break. I really, really, really want to curl up with Ninth House. I read the prologue on Thursday, and I am intrigued!

There are a few book releases this month that I’m excited about. Ninth House, obviously. But also The Family Upstairs and The Giver of Stars.  I plan to read TFU after NH, and I selected TGOS as my Book Of The Month Club pick, so it is currently on its way to me. Yay!

But I also very much want to revisit this section of my bookcase:


I’m not sure what the plan is for the day. I know D wants to do some cleaning. At some point this weekend, I want to go shopping. I also want to run/walk/hike, read, sleep, bang, cook, and maybe watch some movies – just be sort of chill. We’ve also discussed heading down to the law office to move furniture around. I want to move my stuff into a different room. I need a fresh start.

What I don’t want to do: go out with friends/do anything social. I am too tired for that. This week was hard, and next week looks like it’s going to be even harder.

I kind of miss when people couldn’t reach me so easily. I miss not having a cell phone.

The Balsam Hill Christmas catalogue arrived, and omg I want everything!! I’m definitely buying some new ornaments this year for the big tree. I’ll try to restrain myself on everything else though, because the ever growing Christmas collection makes my husband crazy.

Confession: we listened to some Christmas music last night while making dinner. Yep…we are those people apparently. But it was classical, and not like carols, so I think we get a bit of a pass.

I don’t have much to discuss really. I’m a touch hungover. Booze is hitting me harder than it used to for some reason. I’m a bit stressed, but mostly happy. One of my attorney friends who knows about the split asked me yesterday, “So how are you???” I got a big smile on my face and replied, “I’m fucking awesome actually.” She smiled back and said, “Yeah you are!”

Peace & Love. Happy weekending.

about last night: the city sleepover date

Oh what a night!! We decided to do a nostalgia tour. We will leave trying new things for next time.

First stop was Itap, of course. It just feels like home. And the music was so on point, just like always.

We had fun taking pics.

I always take a selfie in that ^ mirror. It’s tradition!

After three beers, we walked around the corner to our favorite patio for a fantastic dinner.

Best French onion soup ever. Period. I’ll fight you.

About halfway through our meal, a man came by with his cello and started playing. It was so lovely. I actually started to cry at one point.

After dinner, we grabbed an Uber and headed to The Scottish Arms for more drinks.

It’s one of our favorite bars. It felt good to be back.

Then it was back to the room for sexy fun time and sleep.

Such a great night. ❤️❤️❤️

“don’t worry…they have a very lovely life.”

  • There is no doubt that we have fully embraced the suburbs life. Lol. I am not complaining. I love it! We were joking about it last night though, so it’s on my mind.
  • We found out yesterday that our escrow shortage has finally been resolved. Our mortgage company had it all fucked up from the beginning, then refunded us when they weren’t supposed to, which obviously exacerbated the issue, so our mortgage payment went up by about $1500 for an entire year. We are fortunate enough to have been able to take the hit, but it still sucked. But now it’s going back down by $1000 – which is where it always should have been – and we feel rich! So now we’re getting a cleaning service to come in a couple of times per month. It’s so privileged, I know, but fuck if it won’t be nice (and honestly we really need the help).
  • I’m hoping this also means I finally get my landscaping in the spring.
  • I may be obsessed with my house. Lol.
  • We have a friend who has been quite judgmental about suburbs living recently. It seems that people can only be happy in the city? It was bothering me for a while, but then I realized that it shouldn’t. I know I’m happy. I’m way happier here than I ever was living in the city. To each their own, and if you need to hate on someone else’s idea of happiness, that really says more about you than it does about them.
  • Sorry not sorry.
  • In a bit, we are going to do some stereotypical Saturday suburban couple stuff: a trip to Lowe’s, and then hitting up the Bed, Bath, and Beyond (lol…can’t get that Will Ferrel quote from Old School out of my head), and grabbing a drink before heading home.
  • Tonight, we are heading over to C&J’s house to do my belated birthday wine tasting night. I am very excited for the good wine and even better company. It will be fabulous, no doubt.
  • The title of this post comes from a quote in the episode of SATC I just finished. It felt appropriate for this post. Isn’t it funny how stuff like that comes together sometimes.
  • Another title could be, simply: BEING HAPPY.
  • Happy weekend to you! Much love.