It’s here!

The much anticipated long weekend is here. I’ve crossed all the pressing work matters off of my to-do list, and I’m already curled up with a really good book. (28 Summers – I’m obsessed). In a bit, we are going to run. Then we will pick up steaks and wine for our Friday night dinner date. DMB is showing one of their full (3 night) Labor Day weekend Gorge shows for the Drive-in, so we plan to watch tonight’s show. I love the beginning of weekends like these. There is so much possibility; so much to which to look forward.

I’m so happy right now. ❤️

Happy Mail!!

It feels like Christmas!

From one of the besties:

Love it all, but that picture cube is ❤️❤️❤️.

And then I got the sweetest card from Liz with these bad ass stickers:

Oh and earlier this week, my other bestie’s mom sent me this homemade mask.

Did she nail it or what?? That’s classic Jenn style. 💕

And now I need to work on my next batch of happy mail to send out. Gotta step up my game, obvi!! ❤️