from the couch

  • It’s official. B doesn’t like fireworks.
  • Pretty sure my ex describes me as, “My ex-wife, the whore…”
  • Ha! ^^^So we’re watching Superbad
  • I’m old enough now that I identify with the adults in the movie more than I do the teens.
  • We’re so pleased that tomorrow is a holiday; like D just said, “It almost feels like Christmas Eve.”
  • Speaking of…we have Christmas plans on the mind already. Outdoor lights and a 12 foot tree for the great room.
  • I have a great room. 🤗
  • D and I are going to the gym together kind of a lot recently, and it’s good. Really good. It’s going to be a thing…I can tell. We’re excited by shit like Burn Zone and the Cardio Theater.