This weather tho!!

Omg it’s absolutely amazing outside. This is the first truly beautiful day of 2019. I’m going to be spending the evening with my husband, grilling steaks, smoking, and feeling fine. I’m so fucking pumped.

I came home and immediately put on shorts, which I knew he would love. He complains that I wear leggings all winter. Anyway…I texted him to tell him and he asked for a pic. So I sent this:

And he said: Yes! That actually made me smile!


This weather means:

  1. DMB must be played like all the time.
  2. I need to start worrying seriously about sunscreen (like even more than I already do. All winter I wear at least 30 spf, but now we’re talking 50+ spf and adding my “internal sunscreen” aka Heliocare back into the mix. And carrying sunscreen in my bag).
  3. I need to start taking allergy meds again.
  4. I need to prepare the car for convertible weather!! Clean out all the miscellaneous shit, put in sunscreen, hair ties, and a hat.

It looks like is going to get a little chilly again before it’s nice for good, but I’m so happy about this one lovely day that I don’t even care. This weekend is going to be fucking tops.


We wasted most of the day, and it was everything. No regrets.

We used the new shot tray.

Tequila shots!!

Round 1 –

After round 3 –

There was a lot of laughing tonight. My heart is full. I have to go before I get too sappy. ❤️❤️

V-Day surprise!

Somebody ignored the $50 limit.

We’re going to Key West!!! He printed out a pic of a plane, our hotel, and the pics of Key West you see above.

Oh and here’s something adorable: D wanted to buy me a few other things to put in the gift bag – things I’d open first before the big trip reveal. He apparently asked Freya for advice, and she suggested chocolate, jewelry and cozy socks. Well D’s idea of cozy socks are hiking socks, which is definitely not what Frey had in mind, but it’s so my husband to not understand the concept of cozy socks that it’s absolutely perfect. And, as he pointed out, I did recently say I needed some hiking socks.

He makes me so happy. I feel very loved and like…cherished. Yes, that’s the word. I feel cherished. And lucky.

Someone who made you proud

This prompt couldn’t be more timely.

I’m super proud of my husband. I’m always proud of him, but especially today.

Today he was promoted to VP. He’s worked so hard, and it’s long overdue. I couldn’t be happier for him or prouder. ❤️

I’m so glad the kids were home tonight to help congratulate him.


A fave thing

Their relationship. 💜

They’re upstairs laughing and chattering non-stop.


It’s like 9 hours later, bedtime, and they’ve decided to camp out together in the family room. They begged me to stay up late, and I couldn’t say no. I can hear them talking and laughing and goofing on each other in that carefree, super comfortable way that is unique to siblings. It just makes me so fucking happy.