Happy Mail!!

It feels like Christmas!

From one of the besties:

Love it all, but that picture cube is ❤️❤️❤️.

And then I got the sweetest card from Liz with these bad ass stickers:

Oh and earlier this week, my other bestie’s mom sent me this homemade mask.

Did she nail it or what?? That’s classic Jenn style. 💕

And now I need to work on my next batch of happy mail to send out. Gotta step up my game, obvi!! ❤️

About last night: mom life

D was playing Skype D&D while the kids and I did our own thing. We had a good night.

I threw together an Italian feast: spaghetti marinara, pizza, and salad.

Then we took Bizzy for a walk. Freya skateboarded, which is her new thing. (I got her a starter board as a Valentine’s Day gift. She’s gotten pretty good. Only fell once. She asked for a real board for her birthday.)

Once we were back at home, we played a few rounds of this:

It was more fun than I expected. There was much shit talking. 😂

Then it was movie time. They wanted a 90s horror movie, and I needed something that wouldn’t scare Jackson too much, so I chose Scream. They loved it. We shit talked the characters the entire time.

(That movie came out in 1996 and holy fuck do I feel old).

Spring is in the air.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood. The weather today was incredible.

We also went out for drinks:

And then took this growler to dinner with C&J where we talked about all the things. I love them so much.

The day started off a little messy, but ended well. I am thankful for my husband and our awesome friends. (And also Xanax.) I feel loved, and seen. So thankful. ❤️