We went on a mini road trip today, like a road trip within a road trip. A subset?? LOL. Anyway – first stop on today’s agenda was lunch at LoDa Bier Garten. Then it was off to see the USS Alabama (battleship), and USS Drum (submarine) at the battleship memorial park; something to which the boys were very much looking forward.

I struggled physically on this outing, but it was so worth the effort to see how happy it made my two guys. I cannot express how happy their close relationship makes me.

(I really hope my ex-husband does the right thing when the time comes).

Vacay Things

The wifi here sucks my nuts.

This condo is nice, and the location is fabulous. The view is incredible. I definitely understand, however, why they call this area the “redneck riviera,” like whoa.

Today someone built a sand castle that said “Trump 2024.”

Fuck right the fuck off with that, sir.


I hate the way I look, but oh well. I’m going to be in all the pics, and I’m going to post them, too. It’s important. Memories are being made.

I’m finally truly relaxing, and it’s nice.