Jackson had a really rough night. He’s upset about some stuff going on at day camp and he had a total meltdown tonight. It breaks my heart to know he’s unhappy. I did my best and I hope our talk helped him. Parenting is so hard! I’m hoping getting a good night’s sleep will help him feel better about things. 

Something sweet came out of it, however. Once he was finally calmed down, Freya came in and gave him a hug. She was so concerned about him. It was very sweet and I could tell it meant a lot to Jack. 

I love these kids so much. Please, please, please, don’t let me fuck them up too much. 

I’m thankful every day for this beautiful little family of ours. 

mom anxiety

Jackson started summer camp this morning. I walked him to the drop off point, and I could tell he was feeling anxious because he didn’t know any of the other kids. This made my anxiety shoot through the roof. As I walked back to my car, I felt ill. I ended up sitting for a few minutes before I pulled away slowly. As I did so, I saw him running around and laughing with another boy. I breathed an epic sigh of relief. I’m so grateful he is such a friendly and sociable child. I was so painfully shy at his age that any kind of getting to know you period was complete torture.

I’m the “old dog” now

The kids tried to teach me how to play Minecraft tonight and I totally suck. I just don’t get it. They want us to all to play together though so I guess I better get to practicing. Hey, I’m not going to turn away hanging out with them even if it’s something stupid like Minecraft. Who knows how much longer they’ll want to, right?

Sunday 7: Mother’s Day edition

  1. I cried this morning because hormones. Sigh. 
  2. Breakfast in bed = leftover wedding cake samples.
  3. I let Jackson go have brunch with his grandmother. He came home with a rose and box of chocolates for me. 
  4. Today is definitely a major cheat day. Cake, chocolate, beer, and pizza has been consumed. Later D has promised me a ribeye and an expensive bottle of wine. 
  5. But…I ran/walked almost 3 miles. 
  6. I’m hoping that once I get my psoriatic arthritis under control I’ll be able to work out more consistently. My appointment is tomorrow morning. 
  7. Movie/nap time with my kiddo.