Sometimes Parenting Is So Fucking Tough

Several months ago, I bought tickets to Hamilton for me and Jackson. He’s been so excited and talking about it constantly. The show is tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Well, last night his new best friend invited Jackson, and their entire friend group, to have a sleepover at his house tomorrow night, because there is no school on Friday. Jackson was upset and torn about what to do, and ultimately chose the sleepover over the show.

I’m really bummed, like deeply sad about it, and disappointed in his choice. That said, I really do get it. Middle school is fucking hard. He lost his best friend because they are in different classes. He’s made new friends, but not without some struggles. He’s trying so hard to fit in, and he’s the newbie in the group, so he doesn’t want to be left out.

(FOMO is a bitch).

I get it. I’m still sad though. He will get another chance to see Hamilton for sure, but it most likely won’t be with me. I really wanted this to be a special memory for him. Instead, he’s going to a sleepover that he won’t even remember someday. I know he’ll regret this at some point, and I hate that too.

D is stepping in as my date. We’ve made reservations at Commonwealth for dinner. It’s in this fancy, artsy hotel, and the food and atmosphere are fab. It’s right across from the theater. Jackson and I were supposed to meet up for dinner with Freya and her mom, since they’re seeing the show too. Obvi that can’t happen now since neither D or K want to spend any time together. (Frey would hate that too. She hates it when her mom and dad interact. I can’t blame her really. It’s extremely painful/uncomfortable to witness).

Sorry if there are typos. I’m not in the mood to fix them right now.


The kids and I caught the plague from D, so we’re all home today feeling unwell. We know it isn’t covid at least, because D got three negative test results over the course of his illness.

It’s always something, right?

But it isn’t all bad. We spent the morning drinking tea and bingeing Never Have I Ever, which is a super cute show on Netflix. I try to soak up any love and attention I can get from the kids. They’re so independent nowadays, and it’s nice to have them need me.