mom stuff

My ex is likely to be annoyed af when he wakes up and sees the six reminders I have sent him related to Jackson’s various activities. But I can’t count on him to remember, so…

This reminds me…I need to send an email to D’s ex so that I can get some dates from her. I have some summer scheduling to do.

Keeping up with these kids’ schedules is like a part-time job all by itself.

Did I mention that Jackson wants to go to the week long cub scouts sleepaway camp this summer? Well he does, and I got his dad on board, so I guess I just need to get him registered. But fuck…my baby is growing up. *cries* I know this is going to be such a good experience for him though.

Oh and Miss Freya is going away for like 3 WEEKS to do a summer program at Truman State! Her preferred slot will have her away for her 13th birthday. She asked me several months ago if I thought that was acceptable, and I told her about how I spent my 13th birthday at a summer camp too.  I never regretted it. We will celebrate her birthday when she gets home. But damn I’m going to miss the hell out of her.

They’re growing up too fast, but I do so love the privilege of being a part of it.

shopping with jenn

I had to run go the grocery store to grab a few things. My main focus was Diet Pepsi, as we were out and I was going through caffeine withdrawal.

But then I found this, and the tiny millennial part of me got very excited:

So obviously had to get a couple of those.

I also figured I needed fresh flowers and a bottle of good cabernet, so I grabbed those as well. Those are winter mental health essentials, after all.

And maybe I also bought a Lindt caramel chocolate truffle candy bar for myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The kids love it when I do the grocery shopping, because I come home with goodies, like brownie mix, oatmeal cream pies, and pop tarts. (D is a stick to the list kinda guy. He doesn’t think snacks are essential. I’m more of a what strikes my fancy right now kinda gal. We even each other out. But yeah…when I told the kids I was heading to do the grocery shopping, they both cheered. Lol.)

I bought more bananas because those never last long around here. In fact, I bet half the bunch is gone before the kids head to the other parents’ houses later this afternoon.

Oh and I saw this, and felt annoyed —

Wtf, guys?! It’s January 31st. Slow your fucking roll. Can’t we get through Valentine’s Day first?? Also…eww. Peeps are so vile.