our kind of parenting

We watched American Pie with our kids last night, and that was surprisingly fun. We figure it’s good to get them comfortable talking about sex. It doesn’t have to be an embarrassing, taboo subject.

My ex-husband was an extra in the movie, and Jackson was very excited that he got to see his dad several times during the prom scenes.

It’s weird to see him looking so young. He has hair! Lol.

God…we’re so old now!!

4th grade!

It’s hard to believe I have a 4th grader!

He was nervous this morning. I stopped and got him some breakfast on the way. We chatted about stuff, and he admitted he was bummed that his bestie wasn’t in his class this year, and what if everything changes?

I was very happy to receive this text from his bestie’s mom not too long after I dropped him off:


I can’t wait to hear about his day.

It finally happened…

My son had a mini breakdown this afternoon after hearing his dad go on and on about his precarious financial situation. Not in front of the kid, dude. NOT IN FRONT OF THE KID!

What the fuck?

Obviously, I comforted him, and reassured him that D and I will take care of him no matter what. That doesn’t relieve his anxiety about his dad though. Ugh.

I just wish…

Whatever. It doesn’t matter. It has literally never fucking mattered.

about the kids

I got a bit tipsy and then candid with the kids about some shit, but they needed to know, and seem grateful. I don’t mince words. This happens often. They seem to look forward to it.

I’m not convinced I was meant to be a mom. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I tend to treat my kids like little adults. While I hope I’m not fucking them up, they do seem to respond well to being treated this way, and even though I suck at mom-ing, I love them fiercely.


My study is becoming the cool place to hang out.

There’s still a lot of work to do, and my desk isn’t here yet, but I’m loving it so far. I’m so excited about all the decorating!! 💜

I’ll post more pics tomorrow when the lighting is better.