on the edge

I hope D and I can get some real rest and relaxation this weekend, because we are both on edge, and completely out of patience. I feel sorry for the kids, because I just can’t even with their shit this week. I love them, but fuuuuuuuuck. Neither of them know when to just leave something alone.

Tomorrow night we are kid free and going on our first proper date since we got the dog. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

I’ve been helping my kid with his math homework a lot recently, and I must say I don’t understand the way they teach it nowadays.

Well…that’s not true. I do understand it, I just think it’s fucking stupid. It’s supposed to be easier, but it’s actually overly complicated.

He actually said to me at one point, “we’re not allowed to count.” Because heaven forbid you might fucking count?! For fuck’s sake.