music lessons

I’ve been educating the kids about rap. Tonight we listened to Nelly on our way home from cub scouts. (Frey came with us because she’s my little shadow ❤️) Our playlist: Country Grammar, E.I., Air Force Ones, and Hot in Herre.

Anyway…they responded to Nelly more favorably than they did Snoop and Dre. I think because Nelly is less hardcore. I think it was too much too soon. But I’ll get them there.

Freya started seat dancing to Hot in Herre, and I was like woot!! Jackson continues to be unimpressed, however.

And then we flipped everything on its head and had a T Swift sing-along at the end: All Too Well.

Someone who made you proud

This prompt couldn’t be more timely.

I’m super proud of my husband. I’m always proud of him, but especially today.

Today he was promoted to VP. He’s worked so hard, and it’s long overdue. I couldn’t be happier for him or prouder. ❤️

I’m so glad the kids were home tonight to help congratulate him.


first day of school

For my husband! He’s back to teaching this semester. He left looking quite dapper and professorial. I should have taken a pic.

This means that I’m back on for getting the kids every night and handling all the family meals. Freya is off today so we have a lunch date. And then I’ll come home and start on the soup I’m making. More on that later!!

A fave thing

Their relationship. 💜

They’re upstairs laughing and chattering non-stop.


It’s like 9 hours later, bedtime, and they’ve decided to camp out together in the family room. They begged me to stay up late, and I couldn’t say no. I can hear them talking and laughing and goofing on each other in that carefree, super comfortable way that is unique to siblings. It just makes me so fucking happy.