Fun with kool-aid

Frey wanted to try dying her hair with kool-aid again. She did it with her mom last weekend, but was too impatient to last long. They used a method where she had to dip the ends of her hair into a bowl, and she couldn’t stand it for more than about ten minutes. Fair.

I found a method that combined conditioner and kool-aid to make a dye, which I applied to the ends, and then put under a shower cap. No dipping necessary. We left that on for 25 minutes (because I was nervous…it was so dark), and this was the result:

I think it looks lovely. Next time we can leave it on longer.

We used grape kool-aid btw.

And here’s the link:

our kind of parenting

We watched American Pie with our kids last night, and that was surprisingly fun. We figure it’s good to get them comfortable talking about sex. It doesn’t have to be an embarrassing, taboo subject.

My ex-husband was an extra in the movie, and Jackson was very excited that he got to see his dad several times during the prom scenes.

It’s weird to see him looking so young. He has hair! Lol.

God…we’re so old now!!

about the kids

I got a bit tipsy and then candid with the kids about some shit, but they needed to know, and seem grateful. I don’t mince words. This happens often. They seem to look forward to it.

I’m not convinced I was meant to be a mom. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I tend to treat my kids like little adults. While I hope I’m not fucking them up, they do seem to respond well to being treated this way, and even though I suck at mom-ing, I love them fiercely.

the key

Sometimes, when the stars align, Frey and I have the most amazingly candid and insightful conversations, and it’s like getting the key to her universe. ❤️❤️

Tonight is a good night.

my little horror buddy

Freya this afternoon, while watching The Conjuring 2. Lol.

This weekend we’re going to tackle the Annabelle series. There is a new one currently in theaters.

We already have plans to see It 2 in September, and The Conjuring 3 in September 2020.

D said it best just now, when I asked if he’d mind if Frey and I went to the movies this weekend: You always wanted a daughter. You always wanted a horror movie buddy. Now you have both. Go make the most of it.


Also – I love how she has gotten all the cool cred amongst her friends for being into horror.