how soon is too soon

to bust out the Christmas clothing?

So…I have a super cute pair of Christmas LLR leggings that I want to start wearing, but I’m pretty sure it’s too soon, and that I should wait until after Thanksgiving. The current plan is to wear them for the first time on Black Friday.

Or…I could take a page from my step-daughter’s book and start rocking the Christmas look right now. She started wearing Christmas themed shit on Nov 1. When she walks around the house, she looks like Christmas threw up on her. It’s kind of awesome. Also, I can hear her walking around because of the jingle bells she wears. It’s kind of like having a kitten in the house.

The Visit

Freya is determined to be my horror movie buddy, which is awesome and adorable, but I’ve got to ease her in because she’s only 11. I’m dead inside so nothing scares me anymore, because I’ve been watching hard-core horror since I was five years old (epic parenting fail obvs). Anyway, tonight we watched The Visit at her request. Just the two of us. (The boys watched Star Trek instead). There were many cuddles and much hand holding, but she made it, and I can tell she feels really cool. Apparently, most of her friends watch these movies regularly and she’s been feeling left out. 

We talked about a bunch of stuff tonight and I’m happy with how innocent she still is.. She’s such a good, smart, sweet girl. I told her to enjoy life and to not be in such a hurry to grow up.