Happy birthday, Frey-bae.

Happy 12th birthday to my best girl.

She’s smart, funny, quirky, and kind.

She’s so artistic. We gave her a video camera as a birthday gift so she can explore her passion for film making. She has quite a talent. I can’t wait to see what she creates.

She’s beautiful inside and out.

I believe she will change the world.

I’m so grateful to be able to call her my (step) daughter. ❤️

from the mouths of babes

Freya said this to me after seeing me looking at the new arrivals tonight on the Modcloth app:

I feel like you and my mom have the exact same taste in clothes, because you both like the same stuff, and shop at the same stores. Sometimes you even have the same clothes. You guys actually have a lot in common. You two should be friends.

She’s so sweet. This isn’t the first time she has indicated that she would like me to be friends with her mom. She’s too innocent to understand how complicated that situation actually is. I will say, however, that it’s a real credit to all of her parental figures that she doesn’t even get why that’s not something that is likely to ever happen.

For the record, I’d like to be on friendlier terms with her mom. But…I get it.

Anyway, it was just interesting to hear this from Frey, and I wanted to make a record of it.

Step-parenting is an adventure for sure.


Step-mom stuff

I answered the following question this evening:

If you have sex when you’re already pregnant does it turn into twins?

I’m proud of myself because I managed to answer without laughing. 🤣

Then we discussed something more serious. She referred to a TV character who was considering an abortion as committing baby murder. No, no, no. Not okay. So we covered the basics: an embryo is not a baby. Abortion is not murder. Your body, your choice. Etc. I think she gets it now or as much as a tween really can.

Her mother and I are both liberal feminists so I was initially kind of shocked, honestly. She’s still so young though, so I guess it’s just never come up? Makes total sense. I mean she’s not quite 12 years old.

I’m tired now. But she’s been set straight so it’s all good. She’s crazy smart and quite curious, and asks me sooooo many questions when we’re alone. I’m super thankful she’s comfortable enough to talk to me about this stuff. Better me than her misinformed friends.

And now I’m continuing her corruption by allowing her to watch Sunny with me.

mom stuff

I’m feeling a lot better after a fun night with my kiddos. We stuffed ourselves on Italian food and I had two glasses of wine (woot!). We had really interesting conversation tonight. The kids were discussing having divorced parents and being in a blended family. Surprisingly, both of them were very clear that they don’t have any issues from the divorce, and since they don’t really remember life before, they prefer things as they are.

At one point, Freya told me that I’m the best step-mom ever, and that me and her dad better never get divorced, but if we do she demands visitation with me. It was funny and sweet and it made me feel good.

Maybe I don’t fail at life after all.