The husband and I are an excellent parenting team. We just handled a tween breakdown pretty fucking effectively. Now she’s going to bed happy instead of sobbing.

Jackson somehow managed to sleep through the entire thing. I’m starting to think that kid could sleep through the apocalypse. He’d be like the dude in 28 Days Later.

So this is Sunday…

This weekend hasn’t been everything I’d hoped it would be.

But…today hasn’t been a total wash. I’ve gotten in some quality time with the kiddos. I took Jackson out for a bit, just us. Finally got him a much needed haircut. He no longer looks like a dirty, poor kid from the 80s. He was rocking a fierce mullet. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t had a haircut since right before the wedding. I’ve been waiting for his dad to step up, but at this rate, he’d have waist length hair before that man took any action.


Speaking of the wedding, it’s our three monthaversary today. ❤️ Unfortunately, my husband is super sick and has been in bed all day.

Freya and I have been watching movies. I started watching It (the remake) this morning around 8, because that’s how I roll, and she crashed it. I decided to go ahead and allow it, considering some of the other shit she’s been allowed to watch. (For example, that Crazy Ex-girlfriend show? That shit is super raunchy. Yesterday’s episode was all about one night stands, and included a song about a dude needing to wash his sour balls. So I mean…why not??For the record, she’s watched it with her mom first so I didn’t introduce her to that. So keep your side eye to yourself.)

So yeah…we watched It. I thought the remake was good. The original suffers big time from Stephen King syndrome. This was much more concise.

This afternoon, I introduced her to The Craft. Not really scary, but an important part of the supernatural genre.

Watching stuff with her is interesting. She’s not afraid to ask me about the stuff she doesn’t get. She asks me a lot about the sex themed stuff or what bad words mean, like slut, for example. Oh and she asked me what a tampon is for. She keeps saying, “When I watch stuff with my mom, she laughs, but I don’t get it.” I explain it the best I can, but I told her that most of it just requires more life experience. She’ll get there. I’m glad she feels comfortable talking to me, however.

I figure it’s better for us to expose her to this stuff than to let her friends feed her bad information.

This was pretty cute though: she was trying to call someone a hypocrite, and instead she called him a hippopotamus.


Oh and she literally just asked me: what’s a prostitute? She cringed at my answer.