about last night: viewpoints

Last night we went to see Freya perform in her school’s fall production, Viewpoints, which was a series of monologues designed to portray various viewpoints on different issues. Freya portrayed a teacher who wanted to establish a stricter dress code for students. She did a great job.

Photo credit goes to her mom. D and I had to sit further back, due to ridiculously bad traffic. I just love thunderstorms during rush hour. Oh and then my umbrella broke, so I was soaked by the time I got inside. Fun times.

After the show, D and I went out for dinner/drinks. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I was hangry. Then we went home and watched Tapestry (so good) and a documentary called Man’s First Friend, which I really enjoyed, though I did fall asleep at a certain point. It’s about the evolution of dogs. Even Bismarck was watching! Oh and my husband subscribed to a documentary channel called Curiosity (because of course he did – that’s Classic Dave ❤️).

what a week – and it’s only wednesday

My day is not off to a good start. I’m beginning to think this just isn’t going to be a good week for me.

I slept like shit again.

Woke up with a headache as a result.

Running late because it was hard to function.

In my zombie-like haze, I accidentally sprayed myself in the eye with a hair product.
OH THE BURNING. So now my eye is swollen and sore, and my make-up is all fucked up. lol lol lol

Just received more bad news about our daughter not doing her homework, and lying to us about things, and I am really fucking disappointed. Her not taking her schoolwork seriously is bad enough, but the lying?? That’s fucking unacceptable. She looked me in the face and told me that she was caught up in her other subjects, and then we found out today that she’s behind in two others.

Tonight should be a fucking blast.


If this is middle school, wtf is high school going to be like???

Frey started chatting nonstop when I picked her up this evening. This is typical of a Monday after a non-custody weekend. I got the d.l. on all the middle school gossip.

The stand out stuff:

– they all think they’re “dating.” I was like…um where do they go? The answer? Fucking nowhere, obviously. And listen, I get it, but still: dating my ass.

– also they are all “cheating” on each other. I was like, “so what’s considered cheating exactly?” The answer seems to be simply talking to another person you think is cute and having the bf/gf discover this fact.

– they are all “triggered” about this or that. At a certain point, I almost said, “If I hear the word triggered one more time, I’ll give you something to be triggered about.” 🤣

– oh and her bestie apparently identifies as a demisexual. WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT EVEN MEANS.

Jesus fucking Christ.

So apparently M cheated on her bf with S’s bf, but M says that S’s bf was actually her bf, and she was cheating on him with the other guy, and now the girls, who used to be besties, are now frenemies, and S is triggered af. Oh and Freya can’t even with M now.

These kids are all 13 btw.

Can you even follow all that?

lol lol lol

Fun with kool-aid

Frey wanted to try dying her hair with kool-aid again. She did it with her mom last weekend, but was too impatient to last long. They used a method where she had to dip the ends of her hair into a bowl, and she couldn’t stand it for more than about ten minutes. Fair.

I found a method that combined conditioner and kool-aid to make a dye, which I applied to the ends, and then put under a shower cap. No dipping necessary. We left that on for 25 minutes (because I was nervous…it was so dark), and this was the result:

I think it looks lovely. Next time we can leave it on longer.

We used grape kool-aid btw.

And here’s the link:


our kind of parenting

We watched American Pie with our kids last night, and that was surprisingly fun. We figure it’s good to get them comfortable talking about sex. It doesn’t have to be an embarrassing, taboo subject.

My ex-husband was an extra in the movie, and Jackson was very excited that he got to see his dad several times during the prom scenes.

It’s weird to see him looking so young. He has hair! Lol.

God…we’re so old now!!