This is 13!! ❤️ 💜 💛 💚 💙

When your girl loves pillows, you get her some for her birthday, of course! She also received a new comforter and sheets for her bed, a how-to Kawaii drawing journal, $100 in iTunes gift cards, and $$ for a bike of her choice. Not too shabby for 13, right?

Next up dinner at a restaurant she chose, followed by cake at home.

More later.

Today is the day

…we tell Freya she can be on social media. She’s been wanting this for a long time, and I’ve finally managed to convince her dad. She’s going to flip her shit. ❤️

She also gets to order a fancy bike. And she’ll have other gifts to open. It should be a fantastic day.

I like this girl

One of Freya’s friends, Olivia, is my new favorite, probably because she reminds me a bit of myself. This was my first time meeting her.

At one point, she looked at Frey and said, “I went to buy your presents, and then bought a bunch of stuff for myself instead. I’m not good at shopping for other people.” I feel that shit in my bones. Lol. She did, however, have gifts for Freya, all stuff Freya loved.

Then later the girls were watching a horror movie. Three ran out to find me for hugs during the middle, and I was like, “You just left Olivia in there alone?” and F was like,”She’s laughing at it.” It being the drain scene in It. Fucking nice, dude. 🤛🏻

She’s also pretty sarcastic, which I’m into. Oh and Freya says Olivia is the one that has a pretty serious potty mouth. 🙋🏻‍♀️

All of her friends are very sweet. I’m glad she’s in such a great group of girls.