silly girl

Freya called me up to the bathroom last night, and asked, “Am I supposed to remove this plastic thing from the razor before I use it?”

Me, “The cover? Yeah…otherwise it doesn’t work because the blades aren’t exposed.”

Her: “Oh…I guess that’s why it hasn’t been working.”

Lol forever. I guess I didn’t specifically go over that part when I taught her how to shave a couple of months back. I was like, “How long has this been an issue?” and she goes, “Since you bought me the new razors.” So only like a week. But still. Ha!


Being a step-mom is hard. I’m treading this weird line. I’m the mom here, but I’m not actually her mom. She keeps wanting me to do things with her or for her that make me feel like I’m stepping on her actual mother’s toes, and it’s hard to get her to understand that without making her feel sad. It’s not like I don’t want to do this stuff with her. Of course I do. But I’m certain her mother does too. Idk, man. Maybe I’m over thinking it.

The latest thing is kind of a big deal though so I told her she absolutely must talk to her mom about it.

D said…

I thought about changing the lyrics to “Freya’s mom has got it going on” and it didn’t even occur to me until later that I wouldn’t have been singing about you.

Awwww. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I feel that way a lot too actually. The four of us have such an amazing family dynamic going that it’s easy to forget sometimes that it’s not just about us. They have their other lives with the other parents.


Freya asked me to read her favorite book, Falling Over Sideways, and of course I said yes. To be fair, her absolute favorite is the Hunger Games trilogy, but I’ve already read that, obviously.

This is a teen book, so it was a super fast read for me. It’s a sweet story about an 8th grade girl navigating her way through life in the aftermath of a family tragedy. Having a tween at home, it’s always good to reconnect with their way of thinking. I feel like this novel did a good job of getting inside the head of an 8th grade girl. From what I can recall…remember that I’m old as fuck now. Haha.


Early Thursday morning (around 1 am), my step-daughter woke up screaming from a nightmare.

D was up and running almost immediately. I quickly followed. We soothed/settled her and got her back to bed.

Last night, he told me that when he got up to her room, he realized that she was screaming for me. She was yelling out my name repeatedly. She had stopped by the time I got upstairs, so I had no idea.

As much as I hate that she had a nightmare, it made me feel good that I am a comfort to her. Enough so that she will yell out for me when she’s scared. It warmed my heart, and made me smile. Maybe I’m not so bad at this step-parenting thing after all.

funny the way it is

It’s weird to think about meeting D & K seven years ago, and then we fast forward to today, where I sat between them while watching their daughter, who is now my step-daughter, give a talk (in her class for gifted students) about why Pluto should still be considered a planet.

*head explosion*

The talk was fucking awesome btw. She’s such a smart girl. She’s going to do big things. They did a fantastic job on the parenting front. Congrats, you two. She’s amazing. ❤️

Everybody wins

D gifted me a very generous amount of money as an anniversary present to spend on new clothes. (I love him so. I’m so spoiled). Anywho…that means it’s time for another purge. I have like fifty pairs of LuLaRoe leggings that I almost never wear. Guess who they fit?

She’s so pleased.

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