the key

Sometimes, when the stars align, Frey and I have the most amazingly candid and insightful conversations, and it’s like getting the key to her universe. ❤️❤️

Tonight is a good night.

my little horror buddy

Freya this afternoon, while watching The Conjuring 2. Lol.

This weekend we’re going to tackle the Annabelle series. There is a new one currently in theaters.

We already have plans to see It 2 in September, and The Conjuring 3 in September 2020.

D said it best just now, when I asked if he’d mind if Frey and I went to the movies this weekend: You always wanted a daughter. You always wanted a horror movie buddy. Now you have both. Go make the most of it.


Also – I love how she has gotten all the cool cred amongst her friends for being into horror.

Today is the day

…we tell Freya she can be on social media. She’s been wanting this for a long time, and I’ve finally managed to convince her dad. She’s going to flip her shit. ❤️

She also gets to order a fancy bike. And she’ll have other gifts to open. It should be a fantastic day.

I like this girl

One of Freya’s friends, Olivia, is my new favorite, probably because she reminds me a bit of myself. This was my first time meeting her.

At one point, she looked at Frey and said, “I went to buy your presents, and then bought a bunch of stuff for myself instead. I’m not good at shopping for other people.” I feel that shit in my bones. Lol. She did, however, have gifts for Freya, all stuff Freya loved.

Then later the girls were watching a horror movie. Three ran out to find me for hugs during the middle, and I was like, “You just left Olivia in there alone?” and F was like,”She’s laughing at it.” It being the drain scene in It. Fucking nice, dude. 🤛🏻

She’s also pretty sarcastic, which I’m into. Oh and Freya says Olivia is the one that has a pretty serious potty mouth. 🙋🏻‍♀️

All of her friends are very sweet. I’m glad she’s in such a great group of girls.