Lunch with the college bestie!

My college bestie is in town all the way from Honolulu, and he treated me to an amazing belated birthday lunch at Yellowbelly.

We decided cocktails were a must. I ordered the piña colada, which was quite rum heavy. Woo wee.

And we couldn’t resist the oysters, because obvi.

These were topped with watermelon and were delightfully refreshing. (God I sound pretentious…sorry!)

I had the lobster enchiladas as my main course. These were incredible. Very heavy on the lobster too.

He came back to the office for a bit for a tour, and to finish our chat. We discussed plans for a road trip so that D and I can hang with him and his husband in Roanoke (where his husband is currently completing his fellowship)…hopefully sooner rather than later. I miss them both like crazy.

And we made a point of getting a pic this time, because we always forget.


We’ve changed so much since 1997, but I still love him to pieces. Some things never change.

A favorite

The gang got back together last night for another epic adventure.

I’m the wyrmlimg, having transformed from my usual fairy form in order to battle some water demons who were susceptible to fire damage. (We didn’t have a red dragon wyrmlimg available so just use your imagination).

Other pics from last night’s battle:

Here are O’Reilly (Ann) and Twilight (me). I’m still in crazy battle pixie form here. She’s a half-orc barbarian. I told her I should tag this pic #bestielife, and so I did over on Insta. Haha. 💜

And here are me and Farbis having just delivered the final death blows (yay Call Lightning!!) to the final boss (which ended up being a fire demon. Tricky, tricky, DM!).

And just because it’s cool as fuck:

It was a fun night. We didn’t get home until 1:30 though, so I’m going back to sleep since it’s not even 7 am yet, and we have a big, labor intensive house project today. More on that later!!