The bestie and I took a road trip to Columbia yesterday to see Tegan and Sara. I got to go to a couple of my favorite local places, which was fun. I haven’t been to Columbia just to hang out in quite some time.

Tegan and Sara were great, but the openers were really bad, and I was pretty miserable for a while. I picked what I thought were sensible shoes, but not so much, and I almost cried from how badly my feet hurt by the end of the night.

But it was all worth it because the bestie was so happy (it was her birthday present), and they played Monday, Monday, Monday, which they haven’t done in a very long time.

while the boyfriends are away, the besties will play

Mine is in Scotland. Her’s is in Arkansas.  This left us with plenty of free time to do the following:

  1. Eat lunch at Sugarfire. So. Much. Yum.
  2. We finally got our matching bff tattoos. (This was something we discussed back in the chemo lounge, so it was exciting to finally get it done.)  We each got a pink heart.
  3. Parenthood marathon. She’s been telling me to check it out for months now. I finally went for it. I love it so far.
  4. Yummy mexican food and sangria at Gringo.
  5. The Cup.  Their cupcakes are the best. Totally worth the calories.
  6.  We watched The Conjuring, which she hadn’t seen. I love that she will watch horror movies with me. <3
  7. Then she told me she had never seen It’s Always Sunny and I was like, “Um…wtf?” so we fixed that.

I love bestie bonding time. 

The bestie was involved in a fundraiser tonight for a local homeless shelter. The bf and I went to support her and to check out another local 90s band. It was good to get out. I look a sweaty mess in these pics. It was hot in that room. Also, my feet hurt from my four inch heels. I’m actually bending my knees in both pics so I don’t tower over everyone. It’s time to invest in some flats, I think.

Girls night was much needed. I cooked dinner and we talked about all the things. Then we took a few silly pics, but she refused to let me post most of them.

I love her. I also love that she gets me, and that she loves me back even though I’m a total weirdo.