This is 13!! ❤️ 💜 💛 💚 💙

When your girl loves pillows, you get her some for her birthday, of course! She also received a new comforter and sheets for her bed, a how-to Kawaii drawing journal, $100 in iTunes gift cards, and $$ for a bike of her choice. Not too shabby for 13, right?

Next up dinner at a restaurant she chose, followed by cake at home.

More later.

Seriously, Bismarck?!

When you’re all dressed and looking cute, but then you have to change to give your husky a bath.

Perfect timing, Biz. Just perfect.

Our backyard has a good sized mud river flowing through it, thanks to this ridiculous apocalyptic weather that’s been plaguing us all year.

Me too, Boo Boo.

Me too. 😴😴😴😴

I missed this floof so much. I’m used to not seeing the kids for an entire weekend (post-divorce life), but I’m not used to being without my floofy derp wolf. I kept watching husky videos online because I missed him. 💙

I missed the kids too, obviously. But they don’t need me or miss me the way he does. They have their own separate lives. He doesn’t understand why I’m gone. He’s being extra needy tonight.