Mother’s Day: Part 1

Freya had to leave at 10 am to go be with her mom, so we got up early to do some celebrating.

Here we are, still half asleep, rocking our pajamas and bedheads.

The card was perfect:

I’m feeling very spoiled. They know me so well.

That candle has amazing throw, btw. Highly recommended.

My favorite gift of all was handmade by Frey. I super duper mucho love it, and her. I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

Obviously, I had to open the “happy” envelope.

I collected my hug. ❤️

They drive me freaking crazy a lot of the time, but I love the hell out of these kids, and I feel incredibly lucky.

Tonight (continued)

These three are my everything.

D and I had an amazing conversation tonight; the gist of which is we have to grab life by the balls while we can.

Make every single day count. Obviously, not every day can be awesome, but I can try to always be present, engaged, and grateful.

One thing D said tonight that gave me all the feels: when we started out, we had little to say to each other, but now we can’t get through anything (shows, movies, games, etc) because we can’t stop talking to each other, and that’s how he knows we’re going to last.

And omg just…yes. Exactly.


Jackson had a lot of fun at Flying Spider. He’s a genuinely happy kid, and I hope it stays that way.

Freya refused to allow herself to have fun and spent most of the time sulking. This moody teen shit is already getting on my nerves. We had a talk about it, and she apologized, but I can tell shit is about to get real.

I am walking this fine line with her: how much slack do I give her, knowing she’s going through a lot of shit, versus not allowing her to take advantage and act shitty to us.

I miss the simpler times. Sigh.