Jackson had a really rough night. He’s upset about some stuff going on at day camp and he had a total meltdown tonight. It breaks my heart to know he’s unhappy. I did my best and I hope our talk helped him. Parenting is so hard! I’m hoping getting a good night’s sleep will help him feel better about things. 

Something sweet came out of it, however. Once he was finally calmed down, Freya came in and gave him a hug. She was so concerned about him. It was very sweet and I could tell it meant a lot to Jack. 

I love these kids so much. Please, please, please, don’t let me fuck them up too much. 

I’m thankful every day for this beautiful little family of ours. 


Tonight we were playing Rock Band and Freya asked to do a “brother/sister duet” with Jackson and it was the cutest thing ever.  She also told me she wants to go see DMB next summer!! (She loves So Much To Say). We bought Jackson new shoes tonight and she’s trying to teach him to tie them. I love watching their relationship flourish. These kids make me so happy. I’m so glad I got to have this time with them. ❤️