Oh yesterday…

It was a good one.

Jackson is covid free and back home. ♥️

I got my hair cut and colored…FINALLY. It looks a lot better. Growing out a pixie is such a bitch.

And we had a lovely little family evening at home.

After dinner, the boys returned to their game, and Frey and I binged “Say Yes To The Dress.” We also got about halfway through a horror movie before giving up and going to bed. It just wasn’t good or scary at all.

I have more to say, but I’m going to post it separately.

Homecoming 2021

Isn’t she lovely? 🥰

And special shout out to K for referring to me as Frey’s “bonus mom” today on Facebook. That gave me a much needed smile. Thank you ♥️

I was grateful to have homecoming as a distraction today. D and I drove them to Main Street for dinner and pictures, and then to and from the dance. In the interim, we took Jackson out for dinner, and that was also very nice. I love bearing witness to his and D’s silliness. Their relationship makes me so very happy.

This may be my one and only Homecoming. That’s how I have to think about things now.