We’re almost to Chattanooga. Our final destination is Atlanta. It will be pretty late by the time we arrive. Traffic has been shitty, which isn’t surprising considering it’s a stormy holiday weekend.

So! Yesterday I was trying to determine what all we should do while in Atlanta, and I was like: man, it would have been so cool if DMB were playing in Atlanta on Saturday night. I looked just to satisfy my curiosity and OMFG THEY ARE ACTUALLY PLAYING ATLANTA SATURDAY NIGHT WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!! So I obvs snagged us four tickets. This will be the kids’ first time seeing DMB and we’re all quite excited.

Sunday night D and I are seeing Peter Hook and the Light, which is the entire reason for the trip. I’m super pumped to be able to see this show with him! Plus, I feel like I’m going to get some street cred for this.

We’ll spend the rest of our time doing touristy stuff. The Coca-Cola museum was mentioned. And the hotel has a pool that the kids can’t stop talking about. We should keep pretty busy.

Yay for the first family trip of 2018! There will be pics, of course.

mom stuff

I’m feeling a lot better after a fun night with my kiddos. We stuffed ourselves on Italian food and I had two glasses of wine (woot!). We had really interesting conversation tonight. The kids were discussing having divorced parents and being in a blended family. Surprisingly, both of them were very clear that they don’t have any issues from the divorce, and since they don’t really remember life before, they prefer things as they are.

At one point, Freya told me that I’m the best step-mom ever, and that me and her dad better never get divorced, but if we do she demands visitation with me. It was funny and sweet and it made me feel good.

Maybe I don’t fail at life after all.