Eclipse Day! 🌞

The eclipse was incredible. Totality was even more amazing than I expected, and the best part is we got to see it from our front yard. It was really neat when everyone in the neighborhood came outside and looked up. What a special day! I’m so happy I got to spend it with the family. I cried, of course. ❤️

It’s hard to selfie with eclipse glasses on. 

Drinking Corona felt appropriate.

this is the dawning of the rest of our lives 

Family’s first concert! We saw Catfish & The Bottlemen and Green Day tonight. It was awesome! 

The two dudes next to us told me that we won the Best Parents Ever award and that I won the MILF award. Yessssssss. 

I feel pretty fucking good about the fact that we were home, and the kids were in bed, by 1140. Parenting skills, yo. (Frey had school today so she couldn’t hang for very long).