D’s 49th Birthday 🎉

We spoiled him with lots of presents, and then went out for a fancy steak dinner. Unfortunately, I got a migraine during dinner which kind of killed the mood a bit. But I hope it was still a good day for him. He deserved a good day. The celebration continues tonight with Jackson at home. Then Saturday he’s having a drink day party at our local brewery. Then Sunday is Father’s Day. His birthday is always the same weekend as Father’s Day. We call it Dave Weekend. ♥️

Oh yesterday…

It was a good one.

Jackson is covid free and back home. ♥️

I got my hair cut and colored…FINALLY. It looks a lot better. Growing out a pixie is such a bitch.

And we had a lovely little family evening at home.

After dinner, the boys returned to their game, and Frey and I binged “Say Yes To The Dress.” We also got about halfway through a horror movie before giving up and going to bed. It just wasn’t good or scary at all.

I have more to say, but I’m going to post it separately.