our kind of parenting

We watched American Pie with our kids last night, and that was surprisingly fun. We figure it’s good to get them comfortable talking about sex. It doesn’t have to be an embarrassing, taboo subject.

My ex-husband was an extra in the movie, and Jackson was very excited that he got to see his dad several times during the prom scenes.

It’s weird to see him looking so young. He has hair! Lol.

God…we’re so old now!!

An impromptu hike

We only went four miles, because these kids are wimps. I thought at least the Girl Scout would be tougher, but apparently not. It’s cool though, because D and I plan on getting back out here very soon. AND we got to see hundreds of adorable frogs, so that was awesome.

I 💚 🐸

I see more hiking and biking in our future.

about last night

We sat in my study (yay) with the kids, and chatted until midnight. There was lots of laughter, and…oh my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

After we got them tucked into bed, D and I headed outside with the bong. We chatted and laughed for almost an hour before the mosquitoes finally forced us inside.

It was such a good night.