Polka dot palooza: day 12

Full disclosure: I didn’t wear polka dots to work today, because I was feeling this look instead.

Excuse this messy corner in my office. Lol.

But I changed into this tee shirt and some leggings as soon as I got home:

And rocking my cat slippers, too. 😻

Now I’m getting ready for bed, and decided I would wear dots to sleep as well.

I think it counts.

No repeats so far!

Polka dot palooza: day 11

I lied…

I couldn’t not share this ootd. (Woo…double negative got me like…😳).

I’ve been working my ass off (literally), as you know. So when I discovered that I once again fit into this size xs dress that I haven’t worn in several years, I figured that was def worthy of sharing!

We had a couple of beers at the neighborhood brewery this afternoon. We look too cute not to share:

We workout on Sundays and then grab a drink in the afternoon, and as a result, Sundays are becoming my favorite days.

Top 10 binge worthy shows

These are in no particular order, except for Game of Thrones being #1. Haha.

Game of Thrones

Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad

Battlestar Galactica

Star Trek: The Next Generation

It’s Always Sunny

Freaks and Geeks

The Office


The Man In The High Castle

Honorable mentions: Sex and the City, The Tudors, The Good Place