I want to get back into running and hiking. I’m currently working on that. We have been doing a 5 to 8 mile hike every other Sunday. D and I have been running together as well. I’ve been really bad about keeping up on reading lately, too. I need to work on that. D and I have been spending a lot of our free time doing stuff together, which is good for the running/hiking, but not so good for the reading. Honestly though, I’d rather spend time with him than have my face stuck in a book.

Does Dungeons & Dragons count as a hobby? I’m thinking it does, and it has been taking up a lot of my time. Not just with game playing, but also with the studying and costuming that goes along with it. Oh and now we are working on a YouTube channel to go along with it. We have two D&D leagues going currently, and it looks like we are about to add a third, but the third is a light version with an emphasis on drinking games & stripping. Roll a critical miss? Either take a shot or take off your top.


Other hobbies I’m interested in include: scuba diving, swing dancing, biking, and horseback riding. I’m going to set a goal for myself that I will do the following by the end of the year:

  • purchase a new bike
  • take an intro dance class
  • do one riding lesson

Scuba will have to wait for now. That sounds like a good hobby to take up once I get that Key West vacation home.


5 things on my “I want” list

  1. a Pomeranian puppy
  2. a better waist-to-hip ratio
  3. my pre-chemo hair
  4. a winning Powerball ticket
  5. a personal assistant

How close am I to achieving these goals?

I’m working on D about the puppy. Persistence is key.

I’m also working on shrinking my waistline. I have a waist trainer on the way, too.

My pre-chemo hair is a lost cause. I’ll miss you forever, bae.

The lawyer pals and I are still playing the Powerball consistently.

A personal assistant…maybe if I actually win the Powerball.

My biggest plot twist(s)

Meeting D. Hands down. Meeting him changed my entire life. Once I experienced such intense love and passion, I knew there was no going back for me. I gave up a fifteen year relationship to be with him, and I can honestly say that I have never once regretted the decision. 

My second biggest plot twist was being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 33. Didn’t see that one coming! That experience changed my profoundly. I’m a stronger person now. I find the value in every day, and I don’t sweat the small stuff. 

It makes me anxious…

Knowing that my employees are unhappy with the current atmosphere at the office. I don’t blame them. I am, too.

Obsessing over how to fix a very damaged relationship. 

Worrying about how much worse the Otezla side effects will get once I bump the dose up tonight. 

Thinking about my wedding to-do list in light of how close we are to the wedding itself. 

The current state of everything in this country.