The 5 love languages

I decided to join in on this particular Tumblr blog-a-day prompt.

I was not surprised by my results. The early part of my relationship with D taught me a lot about how I love and how I want to be loved in return. I am very much a verbal person. Of course I want you to show me, both physically and through actions, but you have to tell me too. That’s non-negotiable. I need to hear it.

If you want to take the test, you can find it here. I had D take it too.

TL;DR: touch me and tell me I’m pretty.


What’s the most significant thing you walked away from? And do you regret it?

My first marriage.

Not even a little bit, like seriously not even once. I feel kind of bad admitting that, but it’s the truth. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel sad about it. I felt awful about it. But regret? Never.

A project you’ve been putting off

I mean…where do I even start? Lol.

I guess I’ll go with the clothing purge. Not just my clothes, but the kids’ clothes too. Sometimes Jackson comes home from his dad’s house wearing clothes that are much too small or otherwise ill fitting. I need to go through everything in our closets, as well as down in the basement, and donate all of it. Even the stuff I love and hate to part with: if you haven’t worn it in over a year then how much can you really love it? Right? Right.

when you feel most relaxed

On vacation. I can’t truly relax unless I can take an extended break from work obligations, which is difficult when you are a small business owner.

But I’ve taken steps to be more relaxed in my day to day life as well. For example, I no longer get email notifications on my phone. I ignore most text messages received after 8 pm. I don’t check Facebook messenger very often…maybe once every couple of weeks. In fact, I’ve turned off the chat options in most apps I use. There is a small handful of people I want to be in touch with, and those people know how to reach me.

Also — increasing my exercise has helped release tension, as has increasing my weed intake.

a mistake that helped you grow

Instead of focusing on a particular mistake, I’ll just say that I try to always learn from my mistakes. Those are really the best lessons in life. Nobody is perfect, so failures will happen, but learning from your missteps makes you better. I find comfort in that, and, as a result, I fear failure much less than I once did.