Someone who made you proud

This prompt couldn’t be more timely.

I’m super proud of my husband. I’m always proud of him, but especially today.

Today he was promoted to VP. He’s worked so hard, and it’s long overdue. I couldn’t be happier for him or prouder. ❤️

I’m so glad the kids were home tonight to help congratulate him.


playing catch up

A challenge you have overcome

I was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer in 2012. I endured a double mastectomy, auxiliary lymph node dissection, three months of chemo, hair loss, and 30+ days of radiation. I’ve been in remission for 6 years. Here’s hoping for many more years to come!!

A need you can meet

I am fortunate enough to be able to meet all of my needs. Now I’m working on fulfilling my desires. I have a lot of things I want to do or acquire — expensive things.

A place you have been recently

Our most recent night out (Thursday night) found us at a local beer bar/brewery for pre-drinks and then off to the wine bar across the parking lot for more drinks and also dinner. We had a very generous gift card from our wedding that we needed to use, so we did. It was a good night. So good, in fact, that we felt pretty rough the next day. I actually think my favorite part, however, was coming home and drunkenly walking the dog while we continued our passionate political discussion. ❤️

One thing I learned about myself last year

I can think of four, though they are all closely related:

  1. I’m resilient af.
  2. I’m a much better attorney than I give myself credit for being.
  3. I need to act confident, even when I don’t feel confident. And I should just be more confident because…
  4. Most people have no idea what the fuck they are doing: even the ones who act like they do.

You’ve got this, bb.

A trip you want to take this year

For several years now, D and I have discussed taking a big trip for my 40th birthday. We’ve discussed all the mainstream locations: London, Paris, and the like. Mostly mainland Europe. But none of those places really appeal to me much. I’m not saying I wouldn’t go, because of course I would. It’s just that there are so many more interesting and exotic places I’d rather see. I’ve never been the girl who dreamed of going to Paris.

I want to go to Tokyo and eat exotic foods, sing karaoke, and go to an owl café. Oh and visit the island with all the cats.

I want to go to Peru, hike to Machu Picchu, and sleep under the stars.

I want to go to Fiji and stay in an over the water bungalow.

I want to spend the weekend at the Black Castle in Ireland, wearing medieval costumes, playing dungeons and dragons, and walking around with candelabras for light.

I want to tour South America and then board a cruise ship to Antarctica.

I want to go to Egypt and see the pyramids.

It may not end up being this year, but I plan to start crossing these trips off my list in the not too distant future.

A time you don’t want to forget.

Not this particular memory necessarily, but what it signifies: the beginning of our relationship. ❤️

(We were actually just reminiscing last night about the day this pic was taken. We were very early on in our relationship, and he tagged along with me to Hannibal where I had a hearing. Afterwards, we visited the sites, and ultimately ended up on a river boat cruise, where we were by far the youngest people. Ha! We then hit up some bars, before eventually heading back to our hotel. It felt really good just to be together out in the world. We had a really good time, despite some drama that unfolded around 2 am. But, honestly, that drama just kind of brought us closer together in the end, so I have zero complaints.)

Something that you’re looking forward to

This prompt seems a bit repetitive, but I guess the other one was what am I most looking forward to this year, and this is more general. So how about a list of upcoming things for which I am pumped:

  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Our annual winter weekend trip.
  • The S.A.D. party I plan to throw. I need to get to work on that actually.
  • Wolpertinger
  • Various game nights and events planned with friends.


3 goals for this month

  1. Move more.
  2. More water, less diet pepsi and high calorie craft beer
  3. Less unproductive screen time in the evenings. Basically, I want to be more present in the moment and stop wasting time mindlessly scrolling through social media. I did this last night and was amazed with how much I was able to get done.

Notice I’m saying “less” I know that completely cutting out stuff is not the answer. That never works long term. My intention is to create good habits, not to deprive myself. That is the key to long term success.