This book is raw, emotional, and incredibly dark. This one broke me. I’ll be haunted by it for a long time. But it’s incredibly compelling, and well written with a unique narrative style. It hurts, but it’s worth the pain. Very highly recommended. This may be my favorite read of 2018.


Freya asked me to read her favorite book, Falling Over Sideways, and of course I said yes. To be fair, her absolute favorite is the Hunger Games trilogy, but I’ve already read that, obviously.

This is a teen book, so it was a super fast read for me. It’s a sweet story about an 8th grade girl navigating her way through life in the aftermath of a family tragedy. Having a tween at home, it’s always good to reconnect with their way of thinking. I feel like this novel did a good job of getting inside the head of an 8th grade girl. From what I can recall…remember that I’m old as fuck now. Haha.


Maybe In Another Life

I’ve stayed up way too late finishing another book by Taylor Jenkins Reid because her stuff is just so good and really resonates with me. I love her writing style.

I particularly loved these passages:

I’ve already started another one of her novels, but I have to force myself to give it up for tonight.

I haven’t been this enamored with an author for a while. I love it when this happens.