This one…I adored this one.

In a previous post, I described it as historical fiction meets science fiction meets murder mystery. Just now I read an even better description: Agatha Christie meets Downton Abbey meets Twin Peaks.

I don’t even want to say more than that. It was a thrilling ride. I think I’m going to sit on it for a month and read it again. I can tell I’ll enjoy it even more the second time.

Very highly recommended.

Marriage didn’t mean any promise of togetherness. But even so, I wanted it to be official. I wanted to stand up and make known those commitments to each other, in front of people who mattered. There was paperwork and a community, a shared life. I wanted that tether to him.

The Dinner List, Rebecca Searle

So you can’t just blame the person who leaves. If two people are unhappy, clocking the person who actually walks out the door is just getting them on a technicality.

The Dinner List, Rebecca Searle

progress report

I only managed to read two books this week. That’s okay though. I thoroughly enjoyed my non-reading time.

Never Let You Go was pretty disappointing. I normally dig Chevy Stevens. But…meh. I was bored. Finishing was a chore.

A Simple Favor was a wild ride; though I figured out the plot twist about a third of the way in, it was still fun. The film adaptation comes out this month. I believe I shall go see it.

40 books to go to hit my goal. I better pick up the next one!