Marriage didn’t mean any promise of togetherness. But even so, I wanted it to be official. I wanted to stand up and make known those commitments to each other, in front of people who mattered. There was paperwork and a community, a shared life. I wanted that tether to him.

The Dinner List, Rebecca Searle

progress report

I only managed to read two books this week. That’s okay though. I thoroughly enjoyed my non-reading time.

Never Let You Go was pretty disappointing. I normally dig Chevy Stevens. But…meh. I was bored. Finishing was a chore.

A Simple Favor was a wild ride; though I figured out the plot twist about a third of the way in, it was still fun. The film adaptation comes out this month. I believe I shall go see it.

40 books to go to hit my goal. I better pick up the next one!

This fucking book!

I’ve been anticipating this book release for months, as Tremblay is one of my favorite authors. It came out just today, and I bought it around 11 am, once I wrapped up my work for the day. I just finished it, only breaking once to eat lunch.

Holy mind fuck! This book was a trip. It’s infectious and horrifying; not for the faint of heart. It’s full of unreliable narratives, and there is no clean resolution. You’ll find yourself second guessing everything you think you’ve learned. If you like your stories resolved with a pretty bow at the end, this is definitely not the book for you. But if you love smart, suspenseful, horror: get this now!

I almost want to pick it up and start all over again right now.

Just finished

I’ve read nine books in the last two weeks.

The latest:

This was excellent. Extremely compelling. I read this obsessively. I used to read a lot of true crime genre books, but this one is a stand out. It’s extraordinarily well done. Her passion really comes through. Highly recommended, but it’s creepy as fuck so maybe not at night, and definitely not if you are a female living alone (unless you have nerves of steel). I just took my dog outside at night and got a bit freaked out. I’m also now convinced we have too many windows in the house! I read a lot of horror, which hardly bothers me at all. Real live people are way scarier than ghosts.

Oh and how fucking cool is it that they just captured the Golden State Killer this week?!! He’s in custody!!! This author’s hard work helped the police capture this evil fuck. If only she had lived long enough to see it.

Read this one. You won’t be disappointed.