I’m passionate about this.

New York is (hopefully) about to pass a law making it illegal to declaw cats. The legislature passed it, and the governor is reviewing it now.

I’m all about this, and I very much hope it passes there, and eventually elsewhere. It’s absolutely a cruel, unnecessary, and selfish procedure. If you claim to love cats, but turn around and declaw them, I’m majorly side eyeing you.

Violet has her claws, and she has definitely destroyed a lot of my shit, mostly as a kitten/adolescent cat. However, I have worked hard to train her to claw on appropriate surfaces. Is it 100% on point? Of course not. But training and aversion therapy is effective. If you can’t deal with some clawing/scratching, then owning a cat is not for you.

My husband doesn’t like clawed cats. I get it. I really do. I adore cats, but I’d rather never own another than declaw one to force it to conform to my own unrealistic expectations. I love them too much to inflict something so awful upon them. So I may not ever have another cat after Violet, because I refuse to amputate a pet. Period.

Ugh. I get so emotional about this.