Dear fellow cat enthusiasts:

You’ve got to get one of these for your cat(s). It’s a kitty kick stick filled with catnip. It has brought us both much joy.

I have a second one that I told Frey she could give to her cat over at her mom’s house in exchange for a video of him playing with it. ☺️

great idea, bad execution

We went to the brand new cat cafe tonight and it was a major disappointment: stale, unappetizing food, incompetent (and sort of rude) staff, not enough cats, not enough space. I was really looking forward to this being awesome, but not so much. They just opened this weekend, so maybe things will get better with time. Freya is going back next weekend with her mom, so I’m looking forward to hearing if it gets better.

Just another reason to go to Tokyo. I hear their cat cafes are epic.