Piqray hates me

I ended up with a fever all night. It got up to 102.6 at one point. I didn’t call the exchange, because I knew they’d send me to the ER, and fuck that noise.

I talked to Dr. B this morning. She agrees that I don’t need the ER since this is what happened last time, and there was no infection then. She essentially told me that some bodies just hate the way Piqray works, and have extreme reactions. She’s having me hold it for now while she talks to the study team. Sounds like I may be getting a dose reduction. I really want this drug to work for me. I hope my body can learn to tolerate it.

I feel pretty awful right now, though much better than last night. I had chills and body aches alllllll night. And once I get to 101, I get super dizzy when I stand up. No fun.

D has been taking care of me and all the things. He’s the best husband ever, and I’m so lucky to have him.

I guess it’s a good thing I took two weeks off, huh?

My head is killing me. I really want a muffin. I’ve been cleaning/organizing/purging my closet the last few days, and I’m about to do a drop off at Goodwill. I’m trying to do what I can, when I can. But I’ve been taking lots of breaks. I’m lying down right now, because I’m a bit lightheaded.

Fucking chemo, bro.

Home Again ♥️

I’m exhausted, and itchy, but happy. My skin is starting to clear up, and I’ve been sent home. I intend to spend the next several days relaxing and recovering. It’s time I make myself my first priority.

Oh and my doc intends to keep me on this treatment, though we will be taking a short break from the piqray. And I’m taking massive amounts of steroids and several anti-histamines.