lol…it me

I decided on super comfy with a Christmas twist. Lol.

And can I just say this Lularoe Mimi is one of my favorite things and I need a black one. Shawls for the win. (My husband hates it! lol)

Also my skin is looking pretty good considering no foundation and no filter. That makes me happy. Eye makeup is leftover from yesterday.

11:31 pm on Christmas Eve

Taking a break from the on-going movie marathon to hang with little Miss Sansa.

Decided to revisit an old favorite book. I have lost count of how many times I’ve read this. It was one of my favorites as a kid. I ❤️ Judy Blume.

I’m tired. I think it’s about time to fill the stockings and head to bed. We’re going to have an early morning with the kids, since Freya will be picked up between nine and ten. We will have Jackson until noon, and then it’s just me and D for like five days. This is a weird time of year with both holidays and birthdays (both the other parents have birthdays in late December) fucking up the regular schedule. I’m not pleased to have such an extended break from them, especially during winter vacation, but what can you do?

I miss the kids while they’re gone, but we try to make the most of our time with them, as well as our time away from them. We have a lot of fun adults only plans coming up this next week. Stay tuned for details. 😘

heading home

Our little Bloomington adventure went much better than we were expecting. I’m thinking we’re all getting used to the new dynamic, and feeling more comfortable. There was no awkwardness. We actually just had fun.

After dinner we opened presents, and then the adults watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which D and I had never seen. It was fucking crazy, but we liked it.

We went to bed around 1:30 but stayed up talking until around 2:30. Then I was up at 7. I’m going to need a nap later.