Freya was curious, and so I used my new deck to do a reading. She asked for insight into a situation with a girl she used to be best friends with, but who is now “too cool.” Sigh.

We were both impressed with how dead on this spread was. Don’t worry…I told her it’s just for fun. But still, tarot is good at offering a fresh perspective. When we discussed how the devil card fit into things, Freya gasped and said, “That is so…right! Wow!” She then took a pic and starting texting her friends. 😆🥰❤️


Some of the gifts from the fam. They know me so well.

From Dave –

We’re doing the tests together, and I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but never got around to making it happen.

From Jackson –

From Freya –

It’s hard to tell from the crappy pic, but it’s a sterling silver cat dangling from a chain.

From both kids –

I’ve been wanting this. ❤️

Oh and then there’s this!!


Christmas Eve 2018

My husband just turned to me and asked accusingly, “When are you going to blog again?” So here I am. 😆

We’ve had a good day. How about a recap?

We went out for lunch at the local pub.

Then we picked up a few last minute items. Oh and finally picked up my holiday leggings.

We watched Gladiator. We’ve been talking about it since we watched Russell Crowe in the Les Mis movie. We didn’t finish it though, because we had to get ready for church. Yep. We went to church.

We decided to go to mass as the local catholic church. It was lovely. We aren’t religious people at all, but we still appreciate it as art. It’s really no different than going to the theater. Beautiful scenery and a choir.

It brought up a lot of memories.

We looked cute:

Afterwards, we came home and started our Christmas movies.

First up:


After this, we will put out the rest of the gifts and fill the stockings.

We survived

My mom stayed the night last night, but she just left, so I can now say that we have officially survived the extended family portion of Christmas. It was…a lot. Ultimately, however, I’m glad we got to see so many people, and work on rebuilding relationships. Our kids have obviously been craving these connections, so I’ll do my part to give them the family structure they crave. Not gonna lie though, it’s not really my cup of tea; two days in a row like that was particularly strenuous.

So now what? It’s Christmas Eve. Yay! Freya is already with her mom for the day. Jackson will be going to his dad’s house this afternoon. Dave and I will spend the evening gloriously alone, and we will pick the kids up bright and early tomorrow morning.

I’m excited to dig into a few of our Christmas Eve traditions, and maybe add some new things into the mix, but first I’m going to cuddle up on the couch with my Kindle and relax.