It takes my pain away.

(Are you singing Jimmy Eat World now? Lol)

I took my usual pain cocktail consisting of oxy, Tylenol, Advil, and gabapentin as soon as I got home. Then I busted out the heating pad and turned that bitch on high. I’m finally feeling some relief; praise jeebus.


All of my muscles are constantly sore.

All of them.

All the time.


I dream of massage. I may need to start going to someone regularly. Maybe I can get my insurance to pay for it? I’ve lived with chronic pain since I was 20 years old, but it’s never been this bad this consistently before. There are no pain free days anymore. On busy days like today, where I have to be a real adult, I dream of when I can take drugs to help (kind of) forget about the pain for a bit.

Tonight is bad. I’ve been prickly all night because of it. I want to crawl out of my skin.

rheumatology update

I spend way too much time at Barnes West Co Hospital.

My knees are all swollen, but we can’t switch up the meds, so I got cortisone shots in both knees. Damn those are a bitch, but they have worked well in the past, so it’s worth the pain.

I’ve been told I can’t run again until Saturday, which sucks because I’m past my NOPE weight according to the doctor’s scale. Ugh. So I guess I’ll just work what I can control: portion sizes, what I eat and drink, water intake, and tracking. That’s all more effective anyway.