This was a total shit show


Resulted in this:

I ran in two to three min bursts, but my heart rate was getting really high, and I felt like I might pass out, so then I’d walk for a few minutes. I feel like I’ve lost so much progress.


I hate summer.

I miss my treadmill.

You know what though? I’m going to do it again on Monday. Much earlier or much later though. Gotta beat the heat.

Well fuck…

My treadmill died today. When I went downstairs to do a quick run during lunch, it started making these crazy noises when I turned it on and began vibrating. Not good. It’s about five years old, was really cheap, and has been heavily used, so it isn’t surprising, but I’m bummed because now I can’t run unless I want to go outside. I hate running outside in the summer. BOOOOO.

I do have a super nice treadmill at the office that nobody uses. It’s mine, so I can bring it home, but that’s going to be an ordeal. It’s huge.

I’m not about to start going to the gym – not with all this Covid shit going on.

Fuck fuckity fuck.

I guess for the foreseeable future, I’m going to become an outdoor morning runner.

Motherfucking boo to that. lol.

non-scale victory

I did the run, and even though it was the same run I fucking killed on Monday, this time was rough. I wanted to stop so badly, but I didn’t. I didn’t even slow down.

I’m proud of myself.

Friday’s run adds five minutes of running time. No more walk breaks either. Shit is getting real. 😆

Today is my Friday!

And now that my workday is over, I’m in weekend mode.

But let’s rewind –

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit recently. That’s due to a combination of utter boredom and feeling shitty. I woke up feeling fairly good today, so I decided to take advantage. Hence the fancy attire earlier:

This morning when I woke up, I decided to take a “before” pic. Before what – I’m not entirely sure. I mostly just want to see if my body changes at all during the couch to 10k training.

Trying to reduce that mom tum a bit.

I ran today after my last appointment of the day, and it felt good. I’m hovering right around 5k, but slow and steady is definitely what I need right now. The app only wants me running three days per week, so I walk the other days (when my body allows it).

I read somewhere that 30 min of cardio, 5 days per week, can be as effective as chemo, and while I doubt that is true, I’ve taken it to heart.

I need new running shoes. See those holes? 😆

I participated in a town hall zoom meeting for STL Co courts this afternoon regarding the crim and traffic divisions, and what the new procedures are going to be moving forward. I kind of can’t believe this is reality. Life feels so strange. I will say that the silver lining of the virus for the legal profession will be that it is forcing the courts to finally embrace technology. We will be doing Zoom court appearances, and eliminating so much bureaucracy in the process.

I’m off tomorrow because I have treatment in the morning, and I know I’ll feel shitty afterward. My plan is to come home and lounge on the couch while I watch Netflix all day. I’m looking forward to it. I deserve a couch day.

In other news: my hair stylist reached out to me to say she would open the salon for me on a day where nobody else will be there so that I can get my hair cut. I love her so much, and am so grateful. I need to cut this hair so it will be easier to manage (and look better) while I adjust to these meds. I sure do hope the shedding will slow down soon. I’m really depressed about it.

I was feeling like I shouldn’t risk it, but D says we can’t completely neglect our mental health, and I agree. Plus, we will be wearing masks and sanitizing everything. I will ask the oncologist what he thinks when I see him tomorrow. It my white counts are decent, then I suspect he will says it’s okay.

Waiting on D to get back from his run so we can do our Thursday night thing.

Happy Friday Eve!