What I love about WW…

This is on plan:

You can eat what you want: just track it and stay within your calories. No shaming for eating carbs. No feeling guilty. Just incentives to make the best choices you can. And stop eating when you’re satisfied. Admittedly, you have to be in the right place/right mindset for this or any other weight loss program to be successful. That’s the most important part.

Also – shout out to Dogfish Head for making such a fab low cal/low carb IPA. It’s a life saver. 🙌🏻

Holy shit tho…

I weighed in this morning, expecting my weight to have gone up, but nope!!! I’m down two more pounds. It is giving me the motivation I need to not cheat. I’m super pleased so far. I haven’t felt very hungry, and my cravings haven’t been too terrible.

I saw this meme in my keto/low carb life Facebook group yesterday, and laughed. This is so accurate!

Diet essentials

I feel better prepared now. I have my lunch salad made and ready to grab in the morning. I love the cute little container I bought over the weekend.

I’m going to restart Shakeology tomorrow morning as well.

I’m feeling super motivated!

Now off for my walk.

it must be monday

  • I think I’ve been watching/reading too much horror. I had a crazy nightmare last night. I woke up around 4:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.
  • I got stuck (for about half an hour) in a small conference room with two unpleasant smelling individuals this morning. I had to take a fresh air break at one point.
  • I’m sick of people who only contact me when they want something.  Fuck off. Seriously. I’m done with you.
  • I’m home now, because I got tired of freezing in my super drafty office. I’m warmer now, but I just realized I forgot something I need back at the office if I want to get any work done. Fuck.
  • I’m on a diet as of this morning, based off of clothing fit alone. I couldn’t bring myself to step on the scale.