the feeling is mutual

I was sitting at home drinking when D got home from his date. I cancelled mine to be with my bestie, obvi, but I told him to go ahead with his date, because why should he sit at home alone. Anyway – it was good to see his face, to hear the details of his night, and, to be honest, to hear about how he talked about me way too much, because he’s a dude who is just madly in love with his wife. And goddamn does his wife love him back.

He told me he kissed her goodnight, which is no biggie, especially considering the original plans, but I actually liked that it made me just a tiny bit jealous. Just jealous enough that I grabbed him and kissed him quite passionately, to remind him of what he has here waiting for him at home. We then stripped and made out in the kitchen before running to our bedroom where we had the most intensely hot sex. We both agreed that the blow job I gave tonight was a fucking masterpiece.

Afterwards, while we were drinking, i gave him some shit for his joking response to something I posted on Facebook. Yesterday, I shared a post that said “describe me with one word” to which he replied “astronaut.” (I laughed, for the record – that’s just so us). I then asked him for his real one word answer, and he replied, “Everything.”


the most wonderful time of the year 🎃

Hello, October!! ❤️

This is my favorite month. I woke up feeling refreshed and happy.

We have lots of fun stuff planned this month, including our Halloween gathering. I guess I should try on my costume and make sure it fits.

It’s also breast cancer awareness month, and I’ll be doing some stuff to help raise awareness specifically about metastatic breast cancer. Breast cancer gets lots of attention, but MBC is often ignored. Not on my watch!!

I have a hair appointment this afternoon, and I’m going to mix things up a bit. First of all, I’ll be getting bangs cut. But I’m also going to step outside my color comfort zone and get some highlights. Mer and I have decided on burgandy highlights. I’m nervouscited. I am so particular about my hair that there is a good chance I’ll hate it, but I’m in the mood to mix things up.

D and I are having a date night tonight. We have reservations at a fancy steakhouse. I’m so looking forward to it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get him to relax (his job is HARD), and then my plan is to bring him home and seduce him. 😘

I’m also looking forward to Saturday night. Me and Jen are having a horror movie night. She’s creeped out by dolls (who isn’t?), and has never seen any of the Annabelle movies, so the plan is to start there.

I’m also super excited to report that we put a deposit down for landscaping. I’m finally getting my hydrangea bush!! It’s going to be a couple of months before they can get started, but I’m so pumped. I’m also setting up a consult to get drapes on the wall of windows in the great room. I’m hoping to get those in quickly, because they’d be nice for the holidays.

It’s here!

The much anticipated long weekend is here. I’ve crossed all the pressing work matters off of my to-do list, and I’m already curled up with a really good book. (28 Summers – I’m obsessed). In a bit, we are going to run. Then we will pick up steaks and wine for our Friday night dinner date. DMB is showing one of their full (3 night) Labor Day weekend Gorge shows for the Drive-in, so we plan to watch tonight’s show. I love the beginning of weekends like these. There is so much possibility; so much to which to look forward.

I’m so happy right now. ❤️

The Saturday Recap Post

It’s 6:49 am and it’s still dark af. Hello, DST.

Why am I awake so early on a Sunday? Good fucking question. My body is an asshole.

Let’s talk about yesterday…

My phone has been acting up – like I was restarting it five+ times per day. So we went to t-mobile and D bought me a new phone. I got an iPhone 11 Pro, and now that I have the hang of how to use it, I’m in love. This camera is insane!!

First new phone selfie:

I wore my flamingo dress yesterday, and got lots of looks. The cashier at Petco told me I was “quirky cute without trying too hard.” Lol okay.

Our weekend house project was to begin installing the pulls/handles on our kitchen cabinets. It only took us 3 1/2 years. Haha. We (and by we I mean D) installed the first set, and it looks great!

The goal is to have the entire kitchen done by the 28th (cancer party).

Speaking of the cancer party, the attendance list is fucking insane, and now certain colleagues are coming whom I never would have invited, but for word spreading, and people saying stuff like “everyone wants to come support you.” What am I supposed to say about that?

Okay back to yesterday:

We were planning on going out (specifically to the city for Thai food) but then decided to stay home and watch Star Trek. You might be an old nerd if…

We watched some original series, some DS9, and the first episode of Discovery. So good.

Here are some other pics that I want to post just because this camera is 🔥🔥🔥.


Oh I forgot to mention: while D and I were out to lunch yesterday, he received a text from his mom, whom he hasn’t spoken with in years, because her and his dad flat our refused to meet me. The first message said she was very sorry to hear about my cancer returning. We were both surprised. D thanked her. But then she responded with some long ass rant about how upset she is that we are athiests. Yep…there it is. Now the world makes sense again. Lol.

“And now with Jennifer so terribly sick, I can hardly bear the consequences of your atheism.”

I’m worried about a lot of things right now, burning in hell isn’t one of them. People are a constant disappointment.

Happy Sunday! Today is supposed to be beautiful. Seize the day!! ❤️

Friday night dinner date: back to basics

This is the most normal feeling night we’ve had since the news.

I got a lot of work done today, like I was in the fucking zone. Then I came home and did a run/walk on the treadmill.

To stay motivated, I tell myself I’m literally running for my life. It’s effective.

Then D came home and we made a classic Friday night dinner:

D’s pan searing technique has really improved. That filet was perfect.

There were a few tears tonight, but overall I’d say we’re improving.

Yes, that’s a bong in the background. Lol.

After dinner, we watched Star Trek 4.

Then we started ST5, but gave up, because we’re tired. And because it’s awful. Lol.

Karen texted us earlier that Freya is on a sort of date tonight! So that was exciting news.

It’s a little after midnight and D wants us to go to bed.

Goodnight ❤️

Friday night dinner date: the classics

That was my first potato in two months, and holy fuck it was delicious. The filet was also incredible; D has learned a new pan searing technique that has really upped his cooking game. Oh and the Picard wine was a fucking delight. Not pictured: classic caesar salad.

After dinner, we half-assed watched My Best Friend’s Wedding, while chatting about all the things. A lot of these 90s movies just don’t hold up. They seem so cheesy now. But I told D I want to watch Jerry McGuire next. It’s fun to revisit these even if they don’t rewatch well.

There was some crying, but overall it was a lovely night.

Oh and I almost forgot: we decided to watch the original Star Trek series from the beginning. So we started the pilot, but then we were falling asleep, so we’ll finish it at some point this weekend.