from the couch

  • It’s official. B doesn’t like fireworks.
  • Pretty sure my ex describes me as, “My ex-wife, the whore…”
  • Ha! ^^^So we’re watching Superbad
  • I’m old enough now that I identify with the adults in the movie more than I do the teens.
  • We’re so pleased that tomorrow is a holiday; like D just said, “It almost feels like Christmas Eve.”
  • Speaking of…we have Christmas plans on the mind already. Outdoor lights and a 12 foot tree for the great room.
  • I have a great room. 🤗
  • D and I are going to the gym together kind of a lot recently, and it’s good. Really good. It’s going to be a thing…I can tell. We’re excited by shit like Burn Zone and the Cardio Theater.


This is the DMB photo wall, which is displayed over our record player. Also pictured: the Chris Cornell Memorial Blanton’s, which we bought on our first Key West trip, brought home, and filled with crystals and string lights. Then there’s the lighthouse souvenir we bought on our second trip to the Keys aka our honeymoon.

I love this little nook. It’s so…us. 💜

savoring the moment

The grandfather clock just chimed 1 am. I’m the only one still awake, which is unusual. The house is dark except for the glow from the two Christmas trees. I’m sitting in the living room, gazing upon our lovely home, enjoying the silence, and feeling content. I’m reading a delightful novel and can’t bring myself to go to bed quite yet, but I love knowing that when I do, my husband will be there waiting for me in a sea of cozy blankets and fluffy pillows.