Notes from my head right now. 12:52 am


Don’t Google that because then you’ll start obsessing.

I hope these steroids don’t cause insomnia.

We were talking about what we would do if D had a vagina for 24 hours. That was fun.

Weird transition here, but: For the record, D’s parents suck.

I like my sister-in-law, though. The brother’s wife. Not the crazy sister.

It’s a whole thing right now. Family, man. And tweens. Sigh. Though, as I pointed out to D earlier, F likes to ask questions she already knows the answers to just to see what info she can get. She does it all the time. It drives me crazy sometimes, but in this case I think it’s actually a good thing. Being curious is normal. I think she just wants to talk about it, not act on it.

Intoxicated epiphanies.

None of that will likely make sense to you, but it does to me, and D says I have a wisdom of 19, so…😋

D’s weird aunt used to read my blog. I lost her with the last blog name change, thankfully. That how’s I ghosted my ex-MIL, too.

You know what’s crazy: people who spazz out so hard that even their writing is spazzy.

Oh shit…am I doing that thing where I’m talking shit about someone else, while I’m doing the same thing I’m bitching about? Mind fuckery.

D was obsessing over whether he’s enjoying his vacation enough, and that is Dave 101 right there.

I had him watch A Simple Favor, which he enjoyed, and called “a Jenn movie.” He said it was a compliment.

I think we’re finally going to see Mary Queen of Scots this weekend.

I won 2 out of 3 Yahtzee games tonight.

We were really missing the kids earlier. Still do, but I’m feeling less melancholy about it. It helps that we get all wrapped up in each other during these non-custody periods.

I should definitely be asleep right now.

I don’t remember why I started this post.

I wonder if I’ll delete this later.