It’s that time of year again…

I have an eye exam coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I’m trying to decide what frames I’d like to get. I’m considering getting a couple of less expensive fun pairs, and one nicer pair. My current and previous pairs are still fine too, so I’d continue to wear those as well. I just love eyeglass fashion, and I’d love to have a few more options.

Here are the current contenders –

Feedback is always appreciated!

i need to shop

I need some new work clothes, but I want to buy stuff in person instead of online like I normally do, because I’m tired of getting stuff that doesn’t fit properly.

For example, I have two super adorable dresses I bought back in October from Unique Vintage, but both are too big. I didn’t return them in time (I’m terrible at returning things) and so I’m stuck with them now. The idea is to have them tailored, but that’s just yet another thing on the already too long to-do list. I really do need to make it a priority though, because one of them is a fantastic houndstooth fit and flare dress. I’d love to be wearing that right now. Anyone know any good STL area tailors?

If I could lose like five to ten pounds, I would feel more comfortable revisiting some of the more fitted dresses I have in my closet. I love those dresses (and so does my husband), but every time I put one on I feel disgusted with myself and take it right back off. I tried on four different outfits yesterday before settling on one, which I was still very unhappy with, and took off within minutes of getting home from work.

I’m hoping to do a bit of shopping this weekend while in Cleveland. Last night, D and I discussed doing a big shopping weekend up in Chicago this summer. He suggested we do that once per year, and I’m certainly not going to complain.

This is a pointless post that is here for one reason: procrastination. I can’t bring myself to start something new right now, knowing that I’m about to get sucked into the afternoon appointments, and therefore won’t be able to finish anything I start now before leaving.