what the wardrobe needs

is more casual wear. Not lounge wear, but like jeans and tees. Casual blouses. Capri pants. Hoodies. Shit I can wear for a casual night out or just to run errands. I have a ridiculous amount of dresses, but sometimes those just don’t work.

It’s hard because most casual clothing just doesn’t speak to me. I’m a dress up gal. I like to be fancy. But weekends like this past one require a different kind of look. I need to start branching out.

Sounds like a good excuse for a shopping trip. 😘


I found my basic bitch boots. The weather is perfect for them: cold and wet. I wish I’d thought to bring them this weekend. I did not pack appropriately for the weather or the venue, but I’ll know better next time, and there will def be a next time.

But these boots…I have a soft spot for them. They’re comfy and cozy. A good break from my usual heels. Def a good pick for walking around the city tonight.

my ootd game is slipping

I wore two cute outfits yesterday and didn’t get proper pics of either. Both featured my over the knee suede boots, which are a fucking delight. I turn heads in those. Mama like.

I’ll be wearing two different outfits today too. One for the day/trip back home. One for the night out at the winery. Pics or it didn’t happen!!

I should have a big box from Unique Vintage waiting on me at home. So I’ll have some fabulous new dresses to show off this weekend.