On Thursday we wear…cats?

I’m rocking my old Jimmy Choo glasses with the crystal arms. I still love these, though not quite as much as my black glitter cat eye pair. Someone I know irl bought that same cat eye pair. Ha! At first it sort of bothered me, but we have a similar style so it made sense. Also…I should just feel flattered, right? Exactly.

This dress needs a crinoline, but I haven’t gotten around to buying one, so I’m going without. I decided to break it up with the cardigan, and lose the ribbon belt, because all together it was a bit much. Now it just looks like a cute cat skirt.

Tomorrow I’m going to wear the other Draper James dress I bought last weekend. That’s the current plan anyway.


better late than never

Whet I wore today. I decided to try out my new sweater tunic from Old Navy.

I want one in all the colors. It’s super cozy. I see it being a go-to piece this fall when I want to keep it casual.

PS: please ignore the random boxes. Maybe someday I’ll get around to finishing unpacking my new office.


I’m going to get drunk tonight. I’m two shots and one glass of wine into a very long night.

Yes, I’m wearing cat flats. 🤷🏻‍♀️

It looks like I have a black eye, but it’s just bad lighting. I haven’t started a fight…yet. Honestly, I’m starting to like these bitches.