stormy saturday style

It’s storming but we’re going out for lunch and a little outlet shopping regardless. This gives me a chance to wear my new rain boots!

Polka dots, of course!

And my cute new socks, that I found at the grocery store! 🤣

Couldn’t resist!

Oh and also llamas on my shirt. Lots of pattern mixing going on today.

Topped off with my favorite hoodie.

tuesday looks and the like

I’m wearing these pink kitty socks underneath my over the knee boots today.

Otherwise I’m very boring and plain today. It’s a zero fucks sort of day appearance wise. I’m too tired.

I’m loving my longer hair. Days like today I can just put it up; in a twist or a simple bun. I’m close to being able to rock a fierce top knot bun. Can’t wait for that!

Here I am not giving a fuck —

I hope the work day goes quickly. My husband is doing a work thing tonight, so my plan is to eat a jenn style dinner (burrito??) and curl up with the crazy ass book I’m reading until he gets home. He should be home around 9:30, at which time we have a date of sorts planned. You don’t want to hear the tmi details. 😘

Happy Tuesday. More later.

It’s Monday

and I’m not in the mood for your bullshit.

Here’s my ootd/daily selfie. This was a rare morning where putting in my contact lenses wasn’t painful.

My butterfly brooch was crooked but I have since fixed it. Just FYI. 😆

I can’t be bothered to retake the pic.