New dress vibes

Dress by Leota

Stitch Fix nailed it this month. There’s another dress I’m in love with too, but want to save it for Mother’s Day. ❤️

Btw – Leota is my favorite brand for work dresses. The material and cut is always so flattering, and it’s wrinkle resistant material. Win, win, and more win.

When I walked into my husband’s study wearing this dress, I was enthusiastically groped, which is how I know it’s a keeper. Lol.

wine night attire

The dress code was sundresses for the ladies, and Hawaiian shirts for the men.

It was a lifestyle event, so I had to wear my pineapple earrings.

I drank out of my favorite wine glass:

Dave is very proud of his Hawaiian shirt he bought at Pearl Harbor.

Not posting a group photo this time, because we used zoom so it had everyone’s names displayed. Not trying to out anyone. Oh and one lady was already naked by the time I took the pic. She was…interesting.

For the record, most people, including us, did not get naked. It was mostly just a fun, drunken conversation.


I’ve decided I need more of them. My husband likes them, and they’re a nice change from all the dresses. I only have three pairs though. I’ve noticed they have some things in common:

They’re all ankle length.

They’re all skinny fit.

They’re all from Old Navy.

I guess I have a favorite.

I’m going to hit up Old Navy online and see what I can find. Of course, this means I’ll need more tops too. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t care for Old Navy tops though. Maybe Ann Taylor?