all the feels

I spent most of the morning crying. Tears of joy. Tears of relief. I let out all the emotions I’ve been holding in over the last four years. Now I have an emotional hangover. I ended up taking a long nap this afternoon. That helped.

President Biden. Vice President Harris. Oh excuse me, I mean Madam Vice President. Sounds amazing.

I was supposed to have court tonight, but it was rescheduled. So instead I’m sitting by the fire, enjoying some alone time.

My Zoom date last night was amazing. We had a special playlist, and special drinks – all in the dive bar theme. The mystery was Death At The Dive Bar. It was really cool; very detailed. It was a lot of fun, and the company was amazing. I think Tuesday night Zoom dates are going to be a thing until we can finally meet up in person. I think we are going to do the Blair Witch Hunt-A-Killer series next. !!!

Tonight, the husband and I will be drinking the fancy tequila and toasting the new administration. Ahhh – it feels so good to write that. We have a lot of healing to do as a nation, but I truly feel like we are in capable hands. Not just capable – but also loving, caring, and sincere.