back to it

I hopped on the scale just to see, and it’s currently showing another 2 pound loss. That has given me the motivation I need to stay on track the rest of the weekend. I gave myself last night off from tracking, and now I’ve gotta get back on the wagon.

I just logged a 2 point breakfast. 👍🏻

Oh and my husband says he can feel a difference in my body. 🥰

meal prep

I’m thankful for my Nutribullet and food scale.

I put banana cream greek yogurt and frozen fruit into my Shakeology this morning. It tasted good, but was too thick.

Diet essentials

I feel better prepared now. I have my lunch salad made and ready to grab in the morning. I love the cute little container I bought over the weekend.

I’m going to restart Shakeology tomorrow morning as well.

I’m feeling super motivated!

Now off for my walk.

who even am I?

You know what I’m looking forward to? Doing 30DS tonight. And hopefully going on a 2.5 mile walk afterward (assuming the weather cooperates).

My muscles are delightfully sore. I feel better about myself than I have in a while.

Idk what’s going on…but I’ll take it!

The Shred

I decided to do Level One of 30 Day Shred this evening, and it was hard, but I feel really good about it.

Note to self: remember how good you feel mentally right now.

I wish my knees weren’t so fucked up, but I suffered through it. The results are worth it.