*pats self on back*

Okay, I promise this isn’t turning into a fitness blog, BUT:

I’m so proud of myself this morning. I woke up at 6:40 am, got dressed, and went downstairs to exercise. This morning’s workout (Day 4) was Pilates inspired. It’s considered an active rest day, but it was still tough. My glutes were burning for real.

Getting up early ended up being kind of awesome. It set a nice tone for the rest of the day. I wasn’t rushing around to get ready. I had plenty of time. Despite the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night, I don’t feel overly tired. In fact, since I’ve started exercising regularly, I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy. I haven’t been napping! Are you shocked? I’m shocked. I think D is a bit shocked, too.

Anyway, I love it. I love this program. I love how I feel. I can’t wait to see my body change. Today my Shakeology should be delivered and I am pumped to get started.

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who gushed about an exercise program, but here I am.


that I do meet up with my personal trainer from time to time. She kicked my ass today. She was extra mean to me for missing last week and made me do pull-ups!! Currently soaking my already sore muscles in my glorious bathtub. 

Day 24: Favorite form of exercise.

Running. I mostly run on the treadmill, but I’m looking forward to cooler temps so I can get in some outdoor runs. Today I did 2.3 miles. 

I also enjoy hiking. I’m hoping we will get in a few hikes over the next several months. Before it gets too cold. 

30 Day Shred is another fave. Jillian doesn’t play. 

D and I are planning on joining Club Fitness this week. A bunch of my girlfriends do yoga and Zumba at the location closest to my house, so it seems like a good plan. 


Operation Balls to the Wall is back, baby.

Tonight I started a Couch to 5k program. I downloaded an app that gives me the cues while I’m listening to my own playlists, which is nice. It also has a GPS feature if you want to record distance and time. I will mainly use it on my treadmill but it also lets you enter in that same info so you can have an ongoing log of your progress. You can also log “free” runs that you do on off-program days.

Today was Week 1, Workout 1 (there are three workouts per week for 9 weeks):

  • 5 minute brisk walk (warm-up)
  • Alternate between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.
  • 5 minute cool down walk.

I managed to go 1.84 miles in the 30 minutes allotted. Nothing to brag about obviously, but it’s a start. It’s definitely a bit disheartening that I used to be able to run 13 miles in less than 2 1/2 hours, and now I’m doing this ^^^. But you’ve gotta just pick up the pieces and start again, right?

Anyway…I’m excited about it. The app is the Active Couch to 5k. Anyone wanna run with me?