my new hobby

I think it’s safe to say that cooking is my new hobby. These last couple of months I’ve started making stuff just because. It’s fun to try new things and see what works and what doesn’t. Tonight, in addition to our normal chili recipe, I made zucchini parmesan fritters and buffalo cauliflower bites. Both ended up being delicious, though there are a couple of improvements I need to make next time with the fritters. I’m really enjoying learning as I go.

Also today’s photo challenge prompt is dinner, so ^^^


Or as close as I can get to it anyway.

We bought this print on Duval when we were in Key West on our honeymoon. I fell in love with all the roosters down there. This now lives in my kitchen. I’ve considered framing it and hanging it on the wall, but I kind of like it where it is, between the coffee maker and the UCBC mini keg growler.