Photo challenge catch up

So these photos go together: they were taken within minutes of each other. Both Capture Your 365 and FMSPAD had “about me” prompts this week. Then today’s CY365 prompt was “rush hour” and indicated a “car selfie.” I took these two pics today to cover all of the above:

My everyday routine involves carting the kids and dog around town, so a car selfie of the four of us taken around 5 pm felt very appropriate for both prompts. I took the second pic just to have options, but I like how it turned out, so I’m including it as well.

Today was the first day I’ve driven a car since Thursday morning.


This is our sleeping situation tonight while we wait on our new bed to be delivered. It will be here tomorrow between 10 and 1!!

We slept like this last night, too – with the mattress on the floor – and it reminded us of our very first night in D’s previous place. Good memories.

But still…I’ll be very glad to be sleeping in our fancy new king sized bed tomorrow night.