Friday Night Fun

Last night’s dinner was amazing. Can’t wait to dig into the leftovers.

After dinner, we logged into Zoom for wine club. The wines weren’t very good this time, but the company was great.

It always starts off a bit awkward, but gets fun once everyone is tipsy.

I feel like we’re starting to find our footing in the group.

Oh and my favorite part: the theme was Boats and Hos, so D wore his old Navy uniform, and god damn. 😍

D and I look forward to eventually meeting everyone in person. They are a fun group.

Friday night dinner date: back to basics

This is the most normal feeling night we’ve had since the news.

I got a lot of work done today, like I was in the fucking zone. Then I came home and did a run/walk on the treadmill.

To stay motivated, I tell myself I’m literally running for my life. It’s effective.

Then D came home and we made a classic Friday night dinner:

D’s pan searing technique has really improved. That filet was perfect.

There were a few tears tonight, but overall I’d say we’re improving.

Yes, that’s a bong in the background. Lol.

After dinner, we watched Star Trek 4.

Then we started ST5, but gave up, because we’re tired. And because it’s awful. Lol.

Karen texted us earlier that Freya is on a sort of date tonight! So that was exciting news.

It’s a little after midnight and D wants us to go to bed.

Goodnight ❤️

Friday night dinner date: the classics

That was my first potato in two months, and holy fuck it was delicious. The filet was also incredible; D has learned a new pan searing technique that has really upped his cooking game. Oh and the Picard wine was a fucking delight. Not pictured: classic caesar salad.

After dinner, we half-assed watched My Best Friend’s Wedding, while chatting about all the things. A lot of these 90s movies just don’t hold up. They seem so cheesy now. But I told D I want to watch Jerry McGuire next. It’s fun to revisit these even if they don’t rewatch well.

There was some crying, but overall it was a lovely night.

Oh and I almost forgot: we decided to watch the original Star Trek series from the beginning. So we started the pilot, but then we were falling asleep, so we’ll finish it at some point this weekend.

Friday night dinner date: new recipe night (x3)


Stuffed mushrooms. These turned out really well. So delicious.

The main course:

Chicken Modiga with roasted garlic parmesan broccoli and a simple Italian salad.

Next time we will modify this recipe to pound and pan fry the chicken, which is how I’ve always had it in the past (at STL restaurants – this seems to be a local dish). Our recipe called for baking, which just wasn’t as good. The sauce was dead on and absolutely delicious, however.

I know I say this almost every time, but I love these cooking date nights. Last night, we were discussing how different this marriage is from our previous ones – how much more fulfilling. Even little things like cooking together bring us so much joy. As D noted: it was like lightning struck when we met. It was meant to be. Neither of us can imagine it being better than this. It might seem weird, but our recent sexual exploits are just making it even clearer. We are having a blast, but it reminds us that we are each other’s people. (And our sex has been insanely good lately. There’s no red waste over here).

Sorry…now I’m gushing and it’s coming off as bragging. But really we just click in a way I never thought possible. ❤️

After dinner, we skipped to season 4 of Voyager and watched the first few Seven of Nine episodes in preparation for Picard starting next week. I’m into season 4, so I imagine we will keep watching.


Just the other night, we were having dinner with the kids, doing our normal banter, and Freya exclaimed, “This table is magical!” The kids have mentioned often, though Freya more so, that they love family dinner time, and the topics of conversation. D and I engage with the kids openly and freely on all topics. Freya in particular tends to come hang out with us while we cook so that she can listen to our back and forth. She’s learned a lot! Haha. Anyway…that’s just something I’m really loving right now. ❤️❤️