D and I both really love this wedding gift from the bestie, which so cleverly spells out our last name. 

It’s matches our home decor perfectly, all the way down to the distressed wood frame (which is hard to see in the pic). She fucking nailed it. 👍🏻

Are our friends trying to tell us something? 

This isn’t even all of it. There are at least five bottles not pictured. 


One of my vows to D was that I would keep his whiskey cabinet well stocked, so this helps. Haha. 

Chris and Jess bought us four bottles of wine. Each bottle has a label marking it for our first, fifth, tenth, and fifteenth anniversaries. So fucking cute! 

Our most interesting gift? A giant boxed filled with candy and underneath the candy was a nearly pornographic rendering of Beauty & the Beast. Considering the source, it’s fucking perfect really. 

I love our friends. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.