I’m the crazy book lady in my group of friends, so I get hit up for recs quite a bit, which I love, love, love giving. The best feeling is when I get a message from a friend telling me how much they loved a book I recommended to them. ❤️

My current short list of recs-

  • Where the Forest Meets the Stars
  • Educated
  • Little Darlings

I took a good look around this morning and realized I’ve been being way too hard on myself. I’ve gotta chill.

Jacki’s savasana was so relaxing. She even passed out warm, lavender scented face towels. It was delightful.

Oh and I was able to do lotus, and my bird of paradise is showing improvement.

I’m glad I went.

flashback friday


This is me and James, one of my college besties. I love him so very much, and I miss him like crazy. He lives in Hawaii now with his lovely husband, so I don’t get to see him often, but when I do we fall right back into sync.

When we met, it was almost like love at first sight, because we just clicked. I remember sitting around the dorm, discussing and fantasizing about where we’d end up. It has been a wild, but delightful, ride. Look at us: two trashy kids from the ghetto fulfilling our dreams. We made it!! Fuck yes.

my job today

is chemo buddy!

I’m taking my girl KC to chemo today. It’s going to be sort of weird to be in the chemo lounge as a support person instead of a patient, but a good weird…obviously. I’m happy to be able to spend the day entertaining and supporting my friend. I have breakfast, snacks, and a variety of gossip to share. I know all too well how important it is to have a good friend at your side during treatments.