Last night was crazy fun.

We did a tequila tasting with C&J.

I lost count of how many shots were had. So many.

Much fun was had.

They left around 1:30 to relieve their sitter, but D and I decided to party on. So we stayed up until four having a dance party.

During which this happened:


I forgot how high our ceilings are when I let it go, so I lost my dance flair. Sad face.

It was a super fun night, and I’m looking forward to the 15th when we celebrate C’s birthday. We love our couple besties.

My favorite part of the night was when D looked at me and said, “I love being married to you.”

Me too, babe. So much. ♥️

About last night: Independence Day edition

Nick & Nancy came over around 7. We grilled and hung out on the deck until it was dark enough for fireworks. Then the four of us + Jackson headed out to the front yard where the neighbors were already out doing their thing.

There were an insane amount of fireworks – like professional level shit. It was glorious (though Bismark certainly didn’t think so). I didn’t take many pics, because nobody wants to see my shitty iPhone firework pics lol. Plus we were busy having fun.

Here are two:

Oh and the one I took of our frenemy neighbors who decided to have a big party.

That’s not all the people who were there. At one point, the men started throwing fireworks at each other. For fuck’s sake. 🙄

Afterwards, N&N hung out for a few more hours. We had a lot to catch up on.

Happy Mail!!

It feels like Christmas!

From one of the besties:

Love it all, but that picture cube is ❤️❤️❤️.

And then I got the sweetest card from Liz with these bad ass stickers:

Oh and earlier this week, my other bestie’s mom sent me this homemade mask.

Did she nail it or what?? That’s classic Jenn style. 💕

And now I need to work on my next batch of happy mail to send out. Gotta step up my game, obvi!! ❤️

about last night: truth or drink

We Skyped with two couples last night and played Truth or Drink. We had a good time with it. As everyone got drunker and drunker, it started turning into dares, and then eventually we were all having sex. It got a little weird at the end, because one friend was wasted and got mad at her husband about something, so she was yelling at him, but her words were all slurred. At that point, D and I ended things so that everyone could go sleep it off. It was (mostly) fun, though it would have been more fun in person. Something to look forward to.